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“The truth exposes itself in the willingness to open to this intimate
connectedness with everything.” Adyashanti

Who are we trying to make? Are we here populating the earth with what will become robotic mental giants or beings of magnificent love? Are we responsible for teaching intelligence, or highlighting it? Is our education system wired to develop children who operate from one fifth of their body, their minds? Are we here teaching what we already are? Are we helping them grow their built-in intuition and natural, innate healing capacity? Are we here to show our children separation or connection, competition or collaboration? Might we be here to usher in the connected souls that are born so much closer to where we came from than we are, fully in their innocence? Might we learn from them, connect with them as well as offer guidance that is divinely inspired? Might this be part of the circle of life? Might we have the capacity to celebrate and create openings for them, rather than boxing them up: putting boundaries, rules, labels and gates of fear around their options and opportunity, their creative expression? Might we make small changes to cater to their ever-evolving educational and environmental needs rather than trying to fit them into an exhausted system and give them a diagnosis and/or pills to manage their “difference?” I am neither a mother nor an elementary education teacher, so I ask these questions not from a judgmental place, only from a creative curiosity place. I only have my own childhood experience to lean on, as well as what I see in the children I work with and learn from, here and around the world. All I know is that I am not too “adult” to think our work here might not be to shine light on possibility, in fact to remember it ourselves through their angelic eyes. Let’s see where this might take us, and let’s look at what we may have forgotten, and how. Through what we’ve learned and what we were taught. Through embedded concepts. This helps me understand where there is opportunity for growth and new light, new collaboration, new pathways for learning.

Children, I want to hear from you. Those that were once children, I want to hear from you. Teachers, I want to hear from you. Parents, I want to hear from you. Influencers, travelers, dreamers, coaches, I want to hear from you. Again, may this be a global platform for idea generation; that is what it is dedicated to, and surfaced love. May we all be a part of the solution with our communication.



  1. Gretchen

    Love this Jenna – and its so true with our current outdated box system of education. I hope you repost this at a later date to get people with kids, grandkids, or soon to be parents really thinking.

    I’m not an educator but have several friends who are – and its so very frustrating the strict learning patterns they MUST teach. All kids have to learn the same way. What a tragedy to waste so much of their beautiful innocent minds in this way.

    • Jenna Gessay

      Thanks Gretchen! I will re-post at some point. I love asking children, “If there were no rules, and you could learn about anything in the universe, what would you want to learn about at school?” The answers are astonishing, and probably would be equally as magnificent if we asked teachers what they desired to teach if their were freedom to teach anything. I will blog about this soon!


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