Your Kids

Your Kids

$495 New Client Session $395 For Returning Clients

Your children and teens are intuitive, and reconnecting them to their inner wisdom leads to a more confident growth experience. Here’s what they can experience:

  • Empowerment
  • Intuitive Clarity
  • Relief from Fear
  • Intuitive Decision Making
  • Goal Exploration
  • Mentoring
  • Grounding Meditation
  • Connection to Inner Wisdom


I feel deeply called to serve the children of the world and it is my humble honor to help guide them on their paths. I am passionate about helping young people establish and welcome their intuitive sensibility early. Children are the truth-tellers we experience embodied, and they are going to change the world. All children are intuitive, and I am here to help them discover, honor, cherish and hold onto their intuition and Light.


I often ask young people what it is like to work with me and they say they feel “SEEN” and safe, and that working with me is not like their teachers, friends, parents, counselors or therapists, it is different. I can only attribute this to a depth of spiritual connection I can reach with them through truly honoring who they are as souls, as Light Beings, as teachers themselves.

When children are introduced to Intuitive Wellness early, their ability to navigate and make decisions from a guided place becomes easier and they gain the confidence to follow the direction of their truth. We work on illuminating their dreams, helping them use gratitude as a force to magnetize more goodness into their lives, we work on being the friend we want to have, and we move through fears and anxieties. Often young people are deeply affected by social pressures, and their environment, and have not yet been taught that they in fact create their experience. I help young people create their vision, and they walk away spiritually empowered.


It is important to remember that this is not a counseling or a therapy session, this is a marvelous, miraculous opportunity for young people to discover who they are through a journey to their Light within. It is important to me that your child or teen knows what this work is about, as I stand in integrity with my young clients, and if they do not want to work with me, we don’t work together. I don’t force this work, it is for young people when they feel ready and excited about it or drawn to and called to it. Ask them, and trust their intuition.



Intuitive Wellness sessions are currently offered exclusively by phone.

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**Currently booking sessions for kids and teens 12 years and older over the phone, new workshops and offerings will be available for age 3-11 in early 2020! Sign up for my newsletter to receive information on the updates!

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