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$495 New Client Session $395 For Returning Clients

There is no better voice to listen to than the voice of the Divine, connected deeply and truly into the core of who you are. It rings true. During your session with Jenna you can experience:

  • Radical Reconnection
  • Intuitive Clarity
  • Basic Metaphysics
  • Soul Coaching
  • Sweet Relief
  • Encouraging Support
  • Intuitive Empowerment
  • Spiritual Alignment

Get Ready For A Kickoff Party For Your Soul

If you are new to your spiritual path, if you have walked it for decades, or if you are simply needing a jump start, Intuitive Wellness sessions are like CPR for your soul. This is a courageous and intimate experience. Having someone help you recognize your own vibrant internal vitality and connection to all that is, clarifying your electric truth, creatively pointing you toward your courage, freedom to express and your callings and highest expression of joy and love for the planet is not for the faint of heart. Not only is this a kickoff party, it comes with knowledge that leads to taking responsibility for how we experience our lives. It also invites in the power of allowing the Divine to lead in our lives. Intuitive Wellness sessions are meant for radical reconnection, to receive spiritual guidance, and to teach the language of intuition through prayer and connection into the truth of who we are.

you are in the right place if you want:

Radical Reconnection

You will be reconnected to remembering who you are as a powerful, unique, loving expression and child of the Divine, here to be the light that you are.

Intuitive Clarity

Spiritual clarity is the #1 thing clients say they receive from Intuitive Wellness sessions, and this clarity is often life-changing. You will also discover how you receive your own intuitive information, and learn what it takes to trust your intuition.

Basic Metaphysics

Metaphysical basics to help you ground your spiritual path into reality and show up for your dreams and in your daily experience with the Divine.


We will work through your challenges, transitions, resistance, and fear, with practical how to’s for building your unique spiritual practice. You will learn how to move toward the light from the dark inside of you, and make decisions intuitively.


Learning to keep our hearts open, to surrender our worries, concerns, and everything we’re trying to control over to the Divine is a process, and it is one that ushers in a sense of deep relief.


A little soul cheerleading never hurt anybody. I am a passionate connector, and you will feel this in your appointment. Clients walk away feeling inspired, connected, confident, purified, activated, faithful, moved and awake.


If you choose to move from your Intuitive Wellness session into your light and luminous highest good, you will start to know Divine alignment well, where supportive synchronicity and feeling held by the Divine lives.



Intuitive Wellness sessions are currently offered exclusively by phone.

Are you ready to be the Light that you are?

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