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2020 Intuitive Insights

Here is a video that shares What I Knew About 2020…watch it if you want to before diving in with the Insights! To start, I will say this: It is important to know that this is written from the lens of humanity and our consciousness and the consciousness of all sentient beings as an infinite...Read More

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Holiday Guidance: Joy First

I love writing these letters each year, where I tune in and receive whatever guidance wants to pop in for this very special, and sometimes very stressful season. My intention with this simple list of reminders is that it is light and supportive during a time when staying centered can be more challenging and the world outside might have us frantic.

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2019 Intuitive Insights

In my toast of prognositacated insights for 2019, I have mixed news to bring you, shall we start with the good? After last year, everyone needs a little relief—it was intense, uncomfortable and pushed us in ways we may not have been confronted with before. This year though, there is a lifting, we will feel a little bit lighter in the shoulders, and there is a thrust of supportive energy right now that reminds me of a gentle “long-board” rolling wave—unoppressive and one to catch if you can.

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Visionary Intuitive Jenna Gessay sheds light on the brilliance that awaits you in navigating your truth.
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