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Well friends, here we are again just like last year when January 1st didn’t necessarily “feel” like the mark of the new year. We are being propelled forward and this will be an abrupt year again, and our energetic investment into it needs to be aligned and as precise as possible. As my little guys are now constantly shout-singing,“Get your motor running.”

In my toast of prognositacated insights for 2019, I have mixed news to bring you, shall we start with the good? After last year, everyone needs a little relief—it was intense, uncomfortable and pushed us in ways we may not have been confronted with before. This year though, there is a lifting, we will feel a little bit lighter in the shoulders, and there is a thrust of supportive energy right now that reminds me of a gentle “long-board” rolling wave—unoppressive and one to catch if you can.

2019 is a year of restorative clarity, but it also feels particularly seductive in the areas of information overload, energetic drainage, distraction, coping and numbing potential. Therefore, it is a time to really get intuitively clear on what you want your experience to be, what is aligned with and prioritized by your Soul/God/the Divine/enter what you hold sacred here.

Ask yourself:
What are my soul’s highest values in 2019?
What are my soul’s highest priorities for 2019?
What growth is my soul focused on and what steps do I need to take to move in an aligned way toward that growth?
What do I need to let go of or remove from my life right now to support my soul alignment?

Might I add, this is certainly a year to get brave in many areas. So please take responsibility for your part in the alignment of the planet, you need to step up and do your soul work right now, we all do. This doesn’t just shift your life, it moves all of your relationships in the right direction, it elevates your frequency and therefore the frequency of the planet. Yes, you matter that much. You can optimize your year spiritually by saying courageous “NO’s”, stepping into sacred activism, taking aligned risks that support your soul growth, values and priorities and are in synch with Divine timing. Spiritual birthrights like intuition, inner wisdom, free will, intention and the infinite supply and support of the Universe are all available to you to make aligned living possible.

Without further ado, here are the additional insights for the year that may support your soul work and help guide you. That said, as always read with your own intuition open—take what resonates and leave the rest.

Old paradigms and foundations.
The collective will continue the deep excavation of a root system that aims toward exposure, and ultimately healing. This may be where some of the distraction is already, and will continue to permeate our collective energy, our dinner conversations and our social media feeds. We will witness both deeply versed ways of navigating conflict and also triggered wounding bubbling up. So being particular about our news, information and entertainment sources is important. Who we share our opinions with and where is important. Uprooting archaic systems reveals shadow material, and this can be polarizing as we have seen. Unearthing and awareness is required for change though, for systemic challenges to detox. One of the key ingredients to staying grounded through this year will be empathy. If you can use your clairsentience and feel intuitively what lies beneath the surface, you will have a greater capacity to be compassionate and demonstrate empathy, while moving through your own emotions and feelings.

Devote and allow.
Use your soul wisdom, and devote your heart to the values that wisdom serves. Wave a flag if you need to, sit and listen and observe if you need to, but show up where you are called. Courage is something you cultivate by trying and your soul is trustworthy, you can trust it’s direction if you are certain your ego is not in the way. Make this a daily practice through prayer and deep listening, journaling and intention work, and allow your soul’s wisdom and heart’s dedication to lead you in your daily choices.

Honor your body, your temple, your home.
Your body is a vessel for the Divine. Treat it like one. Personal growth and development, health and wellness and rising consciousness are all contributing to opportunities to do better. We want to live better lives than prior generations. One way to do this is to literally ask our bodies what they need. As someone who spends a lot of time not consciously thinking about and feeling my body, this is a place I know I need to dedicate more time and energy this year. Our bodies won’t lie, and they are vivid reflections of our inner landscape so we need to listen to them. For me this looks like slowing down and checking in much more frequently, before meals, exercise, rest, work…what does my body need? Is this an aligned choice for my body?

One more thing about our bodies, we need to be our own advocates. I am tremendously grateful as I am sure you are for the wealth of resources available to us from a health and wellness standpoint, but because there are so many options, algorithms, theories, and proven solutions, we really have to be our own healer and make sure that any path we are choosing to health and wellness is really aligned for our individual body in any given moment.

Downtime as a spiritual practice.
Rest. It is a part of health. When you are considering and aligning your precious time and energy investments as recommended above, please do understand rest (and I would argue unstructured daydreaming time) are powerful tools to re-boot spiritually and also expand your life. Downtime in my life requires a scheduled time slot at this point, because my plate is full, and I find it to be a very worthy investment when I abide by it. That holy holy first five uninterrupted minutes of prayer to myself in the morning is the best way to start a day.

Invest wisely.
Precision around time and energy investments is highly valuable this year in a time that is moving quickly and when rabbit hole distractions are everywhere. You decide how much time and energy you spend in distraction, you decide what conversations are important and aligned for your soul, and you choose the quantity and quality of your entertainment. A good question here is:  Is what I am choosing to invest my time and energy in right now worth the exchange of what I could be choosing?

If you live in the US, you can probably feel the anticipation of a market dip in the next few years. So use this intuitive hit to decide where you put your money and your energy. And for the love of our planet and the sake of your wallet and clarity, consciously consume to the best of your ability.  

In business, it would be intuitively prudent to look at where you want to be by the end of this year, and then also where you want to be in the next 5 years, because visioning and trying to put your finger on the next three-five years will be more challenging as I am sensing a bit of a wild ride for the next few years. 2019 though will be a bit more predictable and sensible…so if that is what works for you, plan accordingly. Which brings me to the next insight…

Align your give and take.
Reciprocity is important this year. Don’t re-invest in something you thought was worth your energy and time if it already proved to you it wasn’t. Learn the first time. Whatever you are giving out into the world will come back to you in one form or another anyhow, so align that arc of energy with what you most desire, how you feel called to serve and show up, and also how you most feel supported to receive.

Consciously streamline.
Consciously consume, consciously eliminate, think of the intention behind what you’re choosing to purchase and consume, and the implications long term. Look at emotional or “extra” consumption (Target runs anyone? Spontaneous internet purchases? Starbucks cups? Amazon Prime, just because?) Buy what you really need, and for what you want, ask yourself in each purchase if the item will bring you sustainable joy.

Look at your reactivity.
Where are you tender? What is triggering you? What is your inner-critic saying? What are your current and pressing fears? How are you reacting? This could be the insight that takes the cake for many of us because it can literally dominate our experience if we let it.

This is definitely where I will be doing a lot of work this year because I know there is alchemical energy to help support my shifting out of attachment to some of the old stories and paradigms that I have safely suffered with in the past. Floodlights are being shined on old paradigms right now across the board, so again this is a perfect time to clean up your own inner landscape and examine what needs tending to. The reward for “going there” with yourself will be a heightened awareness, more relatability, less reactivity, more vulnerability, more connection, learning and growth. And if you took the time to read this far into this post, I know those are things you want.

Community cures.
We have to work together and leverage power in numbers to get big things moving and completed. Curate your community in a way that helps your healing journey, be with people who authentically see you for who you really are, shadows and all. Be selective, and find the people who feel like home to you, not in a way that makes you ultra-comfortable, but more in a way that encourages your growth, celebrates your expansion, cares for your wounds and ultimately doesn’t negatively anchor you when you take flight. Be with people who love you when you’re up AND when you’re down and marry the passions you have for making the world a better place, and then take collectively guided action…this is where some serious magic can happen this year.

And lastly, please do not forget our children-they are going to change the world.
Talk to our children, ask them the BIG questions. Ask them to ask their heart what it has to say about the big issues we are facing. Do not put the responsibility on their shoulders, simply ask if you are genuinely curious, and you feel called to learning from their wisdom. Young people are closer to where we came from, and they already have the answers in their beautiful soul codes to some of the challenges we are perpetuating. Also, why not give your platform to their voices if you have one? That’s something I will be doing this year because their wisdom has not only bolstered my faith, but it has taught me more than I could ever learn on my own.

Sending you love for a brave and wise 2019.

May your intuition keep you connected to the Divine wisdom available to you.

Jenna Gessay

Founder of JennaGessay.com & Co-Founder of TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing. Intuitive Consultant, Freelance Writer & Eternal Student. "Be the light that you are."

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