2020 Intuitive Insights

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Here is a video that shares What I Knew About 2020…watch it if you want to before diving in with the Insights!

To start, I will say this:

It is important to know that this is written from the lens of humanity and our consciousness and the consciousness of all sentient beings as an infinite circuitry of light and potential.

It can be directed toward our highest potential, as a massively creative and positive energetic evolution. We have free will and the power to choose.

When I asked about this time specifically last year, I was shown that it is a revelatory period. We will uncover things we never knew about. While I wish I could say these would all be joyful discoveries, I feel quite the opposite when I tune in. These revelations will most likely be within you individually if you are working to see them, and perhaps in the connections that are being made — the efforts we can visibly see, and are becoming aware of, underground that are changing our structures and processes for the better.

However, we will also witness more in this year and the coming years that will reveal what has been right under our noses, hidden from view that has been potentially deceptive, corrupt, dark and dense and is ready to be overturned and healed. This evolution and healing will not be easy or pretty. It is a confrontation, an intense period of looking in the mirror and reconciling, and humanity must change the way we move forward to save and protect our home, dignity, and potential.

Some of you know that much of what comes to me is visual, and it arrives like I am dreaming but I am awake. The visual representation of this year (or this period of years) is a log that has been lying in the forest for so long that an entire ecosystem depends on it, and lives within and underneath it. When turned over, we witness all of what is really going on, and it may shock us, we may not believe this many crawly critters can live so intertwined underneath this heavy log. It feels like that is what is happening in consciousness. We are pushing the log over, and not particularly happy with what we see. We will witness the historical and current stewardship of our fundamental systems and structures and we will see our collective shadow. It will be a time to take our personal and then collective responsibility. And it is a time where our spiritual practice, conscious capacities and higher self-perspective are not just important, but critical.

In addition to seeing our collective shadow, we will witness our own darkness, our own wounding and the behaviors and thoughts that come from that wounding. And within this period in time, there is a profound invitation to do the healing work. At minimum, we can find our keen self-awareness around what is possible, what we choose and where we most desire to orient from. Much of this will be a part of the work done through this threshold time in history, and there will be a period of integration following it. I am unsure how long the integration period will last (a decade at minimum, probably several decades), but I have felt that post-2020 there will be a few years where it will still be difficult to see, and that 2024 will be a window again.

I sense that this year is both revealing to us more than we have ever seen, and at the same time belongs to a series of years, and arc of linear earthly time, that will prove challenging for us to have the clarity we are seeking outside of ourselves. All of this to point us in one direction: within. This is where our conscience and ability to full-body listen exists, and this is where we need to receive, process and choose from.

After we come back out into the world, we will still be longing for clarity, and some will still be looking for someone outside for all of the answers, or worse, some entity to blame. We are asked to go within for our clarity. We need to become responsible, and align ourselves with the highest level of personal integrity, so that our one-essential-body and united heart-mind can align, heal and evolve. In that sense, this period is an opportunity.

Now is a time to understand our individual role in lifting all boats. So that is the focus of the remainder of these insights. Many have asked for clarity around our current viral “enemy”, our political future, the health of our environment, our personal freedoms and human rights, dark forces and their power…and on all of these specific topics of particular interest and curiosity right now, I will table them for a future post. To enter this now feels misaligned and potentially fear-inducing. Watch for another post about this soon.

For now, I feel called to focus on providing guidance around what will help and be supportive in this unprecedented present, and as we move into the near future.


Your spiritual connection is essential now, and going forward.
Many of you may still find yourself “dabbling” with intuition. You may check in and tune in here or there. You may meditate only when you can sneak it in. If prayer is a part of your spiritual practice, you may find yourself only praying in times of crisis. Soul work on the back-burner will not serve you, or humanity. Moving forward, your spiritual practice, your spiritual living will need to be integrated into every aspect of your life. In other words, life as a spiritual practice. If you have tried to keep it separate, or as a little morsel of light you give to yourself when you have the “time”— you need to know that your spiritual connection has now become, as it shows up to me, vital.

Now is not a time to go unarmed as far as spiritual connection, relationship and intuition is concerned. You must choose to listen from all of your intuitive centers, and to know your soul if you want to stay healthy, mentally, physically and emotionally. Our wellness is being integrated on all levels, and we can’t have one without the other if we are to thrive in our highest potential. Please remember that you do not need to be religious to be connected. You do, however, need to find reverence for the life-force that runs within you and all that is. You do need to connect to the ever-present energetic network that always exists, and let it feed you as a vessel if you want to help the world. Let it soften you into being and receiving. In doing so, you are contributing to the unity and health of all of us. At an energetic level, we are all one being. As my 4-year-old son just put it as I was putting him to sleep last night, “We are all the face of God, mama.” Find your spiritual connection now. You have been sent home literally and metaphorically, and whether or not this is the intention, most of you are back in the safest place to see your truth. Return to your home, the nest, the womb of your own creation. Return to your soul and breathe your new life, and this new iteration of human existence for all from that place. This is essential for the mental wellbeing of each individual at this time.

Your soul has already prepared for this moment, this year and what is to come.
The souls that are leaving the planet at this time signed up to transition on Divine timing as well. Please trust that you’ve been prepared for this from the moment you entered this life. If you look deep enough, there is an inner calm that each of you carry right now despite what is at the surface because you already knew this would come. You have been warned in energetic ways, and it has been here since the beginning of your time. You have signed up to sweep clean and shift into new paradigms. Part of the preparedness is an inborn capacity to listen. Inner listening needs to be fully employed at this time.

I will also say one more thing for practical preparation to serve your peace of mind. It would be wise to have what your family / household members would need (and I mean need for survival) for two weeks, in your home. This does not imply hoarding, or your creature comforts. I mean water, and food for survival, not comfort. If you know that you could “camp” in your home for two weeks without leaving, it may help you focus on some of the more energetic soul work that is asked of all of us at this time.

In addition, everything you are doing to prepare now, like reading this and acting on it, will support you in what is to come for the rest of your lifetime. What I mean by that, is this is a period of time that created the opening to everything changing. And in hindsight, probably by 2024, you will understand this more. Know that even if you can’t be in this solid spiritual place every day, working toward going within daily, and connecting daily is very important for your long-term health through these monumental shifts, and will keep you grounded through a time of deep uncertainty.

This is an opportunity to know yourself, and your Divinity, and a powerful moment to create a future for the human experience that is everything your soul longs for.

As you may have noticed, I have specifically and intentionally not used the words that are very powerful at this time. Because when we say things, we feed their power, and I do not wish to embolden the power of something that doesn’t need to be fueled.

Everything we say, think, feel and do is powerful and productive right now. We are either fueling the separation and breakdown of our connection, or we are weaving it together.

What we are moving through, however you perceive it, opens the doors to change. And going through it is uncomfortable, on many levels, as big change and growth tend to be. Be kind to yourself through this squeeze of a time, and trust that in a year from now, it will not feel like this. You will know your life differently, and be grateful for that wisdom.

We are used to a lack of integrity—this has become commonplace. Our systems are breaking down, this will continue, it is a peeling away so that new can be revealed, but it is going to feel like a chemical peel, like you are photosensitive, needing lots of water and internal space, sunlight, clean air and whatever nature access is still left, you need to cling to her.

It is also important to know that you are protected, but your attachments are not. Meaning, you will have what you need, and it is a good time to take inventory of what you actually need versus what you want.

I was also shown that we will see the very brightest part of humanity exercised at this time.

More on our present time:

Surgical Sleep:
When I tuned in more recently, since the beginning of the year, I was shown the process of surgery. When we undergo major surgery, we are prepped and part of that preparation is often anesthesia. We are in an altered state (weird dreams and disturbed sleep anyone?) and there is work being done inside of our collective and individual organisms. Then we wake, recover and integrate, with slight changes, or monumental ones‑and they will vary in degrees and timelines depending on your individual soul.

Another way I was shown this current situation was a system-wide shut down, like if your entire company had to turn their computers off, turn them in to IT and receive a full-system software upgrade. Again here, the varied users would have different reactions and learning curves in adapting to the new way their computers worked. Both of these images helped me also see that nobody goes through this time without being effected, and yet we do have free will in choosing how we respond.

Unfortunately, I was also shown a pervasive and almost contagious mental health crisis, that looked like crippling anxiety, paralytic fear of the unknown, and a daunting helplessness. This next section around ‘what we can do’ is designed to aid in your own personal journey through this time.

Healing work:
If you do not already know what is involved in your human immune system, do some research so that you have a very clear picture. Then work with yourself energetically to tend to this system. Support it in any way that feels most in alignment and integrity to you. Think of humanity’s immune system. Send light through your body, and as a vessel to the collective body. We need to decrease inflammation, and acidity through the collective whole. We can aid in diffusing and detoxifying poison. The alarm bells are up and we need soothing, softening, healthy, flowing, supportive, loving energy to help purify and restore health. Whatever you can contribute here energetically matters, and helps our collective healing.

Boundary & Influence work:
Do not let this time turn you into a victim. Hold your boundaries, including self-imposed boundaries and make sure you are careful with your chosen influences.

You have a body, an aura and a sphere. You have a family, you have a community, you have a species. You have a connection to the Divine and all that is. You are a vessel. Therein lies your innate and true power.

I said it in 2019, you need to be your own health advocate. This is a time to take your health, and the freedom around your health very seriously. Check in with your truth anytime there is an opportunity to make a choice around your health. Make sure the decisions you are making about your health, even with your doctors, sit right with you deeply. Consider if you think something is being overlooked or not tended to, or if the protocol, interventions or healing practices aren’t going to work for you. Trust your inner wisdom here and what your very unique body needs. Do not hesitate to get multiple opinions. Remember that all doctors, practitioners and healers are human too.

Do not let fear or even curiosity bring you so far out into distraction that you forget to insource.  If you are a parent or caretaker (or can remember yourself as a child), you have probably witnessed a child watch a TV show, or an older kid, and they are influenced by a character, good or bad for weeks on end. This is happening ‘to us’ in an intoxicating, hypnotic and potentially dangerous way.

You must be vigilant with what influences you are allowing into your mind and heart and those of your children. This means taking inventory of your media consumption, your purchasing choices, your shopping habits, your online interactions, your screen time, your relationships, and how you receive your news.

The media is a specific matrix where the clarity paradox is alive—things are revealed that we have never seen before, and also concealed with so many differing narratives. And remember that this particular system is layered in its own influences. Which brings me to another very important notice that came through: do not validate through negativity rabbit holes. This is easy to do with such unveiled access to data these days, and it is a challenge you are up to if you stay in integrity with your Divine connection and your soul. Monitor your intake, and when you do read or watch the news, make sure you have your intuition turned on.

In practical terms, for me, this means tending to my spiritual practice first, right when I wake up in the morning. This remains a way to say to God and my soul, “Hey, this comes first. I communicate and listen here first. This is my highest value. Please guide my light.” And then I check the news, once per day, and for no more than 15-20 minutes. This is my boundary. I have also been cleaning my social media “feed” and I highly recommend this. Just as there are healthy habits with actual food, there should be healthy habits with the media intake you ingest. This is one place mindfulness and intuitively living will serve you this year big time.

Grief work:
Being a death year, 2020 asks us to do the grief work we may not have tended to before with the unsustainable pace we were operating at. People will die, and so will systems and old ways we were doing things. Moving through the loss of “what was” and into acceptance of “what is” is grief-work, and it is necessary collectively and on an individual level—now and into the future.

You are likely at home. Take an inventory of what is coming up for you around loss. Even though each day seems to bring us closer and closer to deeper loss, the only way to the other side of this situation is through. Bring your resources, intuitive foresight and knowing as well as your spiritual tools and practices with you through this tunnel. Let them help you through the trauma you may be experiencing.

Please remember we are all holding hands and hearts through this, you are not alone. If you need help with this, I am here and many grief specialists and therapists are willing to work virtually, with many offering free supportive content online. I will include some of the people I trust most with this deep work in the resources post soon. The most important thing I can say about grief work, is that you don’t need to wait until we are through this to start, you can start now. Trust that some days, just feeling your feelings will be the best and bravest thing you can do for the healing of humanity, and to move us toward our collective evolution. Please give yourself grace.

Shadow work:
You will most likely experience triggering fear and encounter your wounds, your conditioning and programming, your survival instincts, your reactivity and your coping mechanisms during this time. There is shadow work to do, collectively and individually. What better time to start working through the disavowed parts of ourselves than when we have to literally be with ourselves.

Hold the mirror. See what is there slightly hidden from view, the parts of yourself you do not want to own, and certainly don’t want showcased. The shadow work that is available to us now is for self-awareness, to build empathy and compassion, to become more whole and integrated. It is also a way to sense how your personal shadow has contributed to the collective shadow, who you may be judging harshly. There is a deep call to personal responsibility this year, and going forward. Looking within versus pointing fingers aligns with this self-accountability, personal responsibility and personal leadership. It is also tied to our intuition, freedom and wholeness.

**Important to note, if you are already deep in despair or are struggling through self-worth, self-compassion and self-love as it is, this may be a good time to reach out for help before trying to do shadow work alone.

Fear & Faith work:
Fear-bashing and shaming is not going to support anyone at this time. It is natural for us to have some fear around this very uncertain and unprecedented time. It feels so deeply foreign to many of us, and to some, calls up cellular memory of other similar experiences. Fear may have you wanting to run, or hide. It may have you feeling suffocated. I have several resources around this—specifically if you have felt the energy of panic come up through this current crisis, and these will be sent with the resources post soon.

Nearly every client I have worked with during this time is either feeling guilt, shame or self-judgement, and sometimes a combination of all three of these. Feeling guilt and shame that you aren’t as worried as you should be, that you’re not doing enough, that you aren’t okay or that you are okay, that you have what you need and some people don’t, that you are grieving what you thought your 2020 would be or that you are concerned with your own situation. Judgment for all of it and shame because of it. Friends, these feelings are normal. Please don’t stuff them down. Stay curious and compassionate. Employ spiritual discernment, and choose your reactions to help with guilt. Do the next aligned thing, admit any mistakes and say sorry for them. Learn from them. In my experience, guilt-driven shame leads to our obligatory response, the one that we are “supposed” to be or do. Not what we are called to. Please go where you are called. Listen deeply enough to feel what you are called to, and say yes to your most essential and truest self.

Doing this will require faith, and faith is an antidote to fear. Head on into the unknown, there is no greater time than now to exercise and practice building your faith. You are going to need faith going forward into freedom. And I personally believe faith is something that is part of our spiritual practice. It grows over time, it can even wax and wane and it is alive. It moves and breathes and we need to work with it and surrender in faith to what we may not understand rationally or logically. Faith is the energy that helps us make the moves toward our alignment. It is powerful fuel. Make sure what you have faith in is true for you.

Intuitive work:
I already said that spiritual connection (and therefore spiritual practice) feels critical going forward if we want to live healthy, fulfilled, and responsible lives. How do you feel about that? If you’re still reading this, you probably have a sense that it is a darn good time to start working with your intuition as well. Things are not quite as they seem right now.

Energetic intuition can help you feel into what is “behind” the curtain or “underneath” something. It will help you with spiritual discernment about what is needed and nourishing for you. Your inner knowing is tapped into universal connective tissue. It can help you stay centered and connected anytime, and especially when we are all physically separated.

When was the last time you looked at the stars? Have you ever asked them to speak to you? Have you reached out? Have you asked your angels to work with you? Your ancestors? Your loved ones who have passed on? Have you worked with your own soul? What about your crone-self, 100-year-old you?

What about working with your kids, here presently, unborn or passed on? My eldest child (4.5) is literally having a full-on conversation with his class pet, a guinea pig that we are making a home for during this time. Making space for him to communicate, as if it is the most normal thing in the world. This, after we were just passing colors and shapes back and forth like a basketball telepathically and guessing them. Have you ever played with your children this way? They can certainly teach us a lot about the language we have left in a closet for too long, unused, unpracticed, untapped.

Our intuition can help us go within.  The relief, peace, untethered freedom and connection we can find there can certainly help temper the attraction of outward distraction right now.

Whether we like it or not, we have been given a pause. We have also been brought to a canvas moment in history. We are responsible, each of us, to create the world we want to live in going forward.
You are being asked to take your power back through awareness and responsible energetics. Your primary responsibility is to express from your soul. I am going to ask you to do that now with an exercise, because the world needs you now.

It is okay to need validation, so here is some: you are contributing to the unity and health of all of us. Your thoughts, feelings, energy and actions are important.

Canvas Exercise:
Here is your get-started, immediate energetic contribution toward the world you want to live in. Take yourself through these questions if and when you feel called to. See what starts to arrive intuitively as you ask them of your connected self.

This will seem so simple, and yet, when have many of us had the time or energy or need to answer these questions? The time is now. Please let your soul, your higher, essential-self answer these questions and record the answers.

What world does your soul long to live in?

What aspects of yourself are you called to grow?

What are you realizing?

What can you see on behalf of all of life?

What else are you becoming aware of?

What are you letting go of?

What are you surrendering?

What does it mean to you to be human?

What do you identify with or as?

What happens when you drop that identity?

What has become unsustainable to you?

What does self-care really mean to you?

Where does mindfulness belong in your life?

What have you been tuned in to?

What can you feel changing inside of you?

What choices have you made from what you know to be true?

What choices have you made not from what you know to be true?

What have you learned this lifetime?

What do you know?

What do you want the next generation to know?

What does integrity mean to you?

What does harmony, balance, synchronicity mean to you?

Do you believe in miracles?

How will you communicate going forward?

How connected are you to your planet?

How intimate are you willing to be with yourself and the Divine?

How does your intuition help with your connection to yourself?

How does your intuition help with your connection to God?

How has your soul prepared for right now?

What do your relationships mean? What do they need?

Where have you seen your empathy, compassion and grace show up?

What are you grieving?

Where are you settling?

What is your highest right now?

What does love mean to you?

How do you see it expressed in the world?

Where have you chosen to be unclear?

How have you sabotaged your own expression?

How have you hurt your spirit?

How have you nourished your soul?

Where have you shown exceptional courage?

What are you judging?

Where do you still carry shame?

How can you heal?

Where is healing needed?

Where is your love needed?

Where do you need love?

What do you have faith in?

What do you need to give?

What do you need to receive?

What are you praying for?

How will you orient and navigate going forward?

What needs to change in order for you to orient from within?

What voices are answering your soul’s energetic needs right now?

What spiritual practices are answering your soul’s energetic needs right now?

What are you called to create?

What is moving to you?

What is medicine to you?

How are you kind and generous?

Who are you willing to forgive?

What is the legacy of your unfolding?

What future can you imagine and already know will happen?

What is the highest for our beautiful planet?

What values are in humanity’s highest?

What do you need in this present moment?

What do you anticipate needing in the future?

What does your soul desire?

What inspires you most?

What inspires the collective?

I am so grateful for:

The most amazing parts of life are:

In my perfect world for all of humanity:

The ideas that keep coming to me are:

For our humanity’s collective healing I want:

How I feel called to help serve:

What needs to change:

What role I will play in service to this shift:

Where I feel called to send love:

And you thought you had none of the answers 😉 All of that clarity came right from inside of you. You are your own intuitive.

Our educational, healthcare, financial, media, political, utility, industrial, religious, legal, regulatory, justice, and many other systems are all up for a new alignment. Help them get there. This is part of us taking radical responsibility. It will be drawn up for us if we do not take our own intuitive, soul-based aligned action. Continue to curiously engage with what might come up for you around the world you want to live in.

If you feel called to share anything that arrived through you, I’d love to hear! Please also feel free to share this and invite and involve your loved ones to participate in this exercise as well!

The next part of the work will be to continue to see a healed personal expression, a healed humanity and healed planet on behalf of all of—honoring the reality that they already exist, and release the attachment to any outcome. Allow Divine timing, and the connection to serve your present, helping you take action according to what you are receiving. If you are called into serving humanity right now, I trust you will know.

I had a clear knowing that humanity will not disintegrate from this challenging time, it will learn and become better. We will live a more whole and aware existence, unity is coming.

Many of your specific questions may be left unanswered in this unusual version of the Insights. Like I mentioned I will have a forthcoming email with more information about them. But I want to include some little notes on this for you to think about as you continue to design this new canvas.

Polarization and Solution Orientation:
The polarization is literally stretching us out of integrity. Can you feel it? Like a giant tug of war. That is how I see it, like two opposing groups pulling as hard as they can, with very little desire to hear from each other, completely missing their common language. This is well demonstrated in politics, but not at all limited to the political landscape. Our solutions may lie in meeting in the muddy middle, after releasing the tight rope. We can’t love forward afraid to get a little dirty, to sacrifice our rigid beliefs, to peel layers away. It will happen anyway.

I know that in the past couple of years, you have felt the tug of war rope become tighter and tighter, and what does that lead to? Unbearable tension, frayed strengths, sometimes a sense of hopelessness, confusion, frustration, fear and stagnation. Not to mention, losing sight of the prize. What are we actually after? Like if we distilled it down to the common ground of humanity and our home, what do we need and want? What is our collective soul most deeply called to right now? Back to the canvas exercise above.

As long as humans exist there will be polarity, because how could we know light without the dark? How we interact with it will change though. We need to work toward solutions. Without working toward solutions, and being able to empathically feel all sides with compassion, how are we to ever evolve? Choose in your interactions and thoughts to be solution-oriented, and make sure that the solutions you act upon are aligned from a 10,000 ft view. I don’t mean to imply that you have to “fix” everything. I mean that spending our time dwelling on what we don’t want feeds it. And, I mean that orienting toward the light, while acknowledging and owning the dark will make for a better integration.

Other topics:
Yes, there will be more surveillance and our data is currency, but we are also on the receiving end of this “visibility.” Yes, we will continue to explore what is “out there” and there will be many more discoveries soon through new technology and also a willingness to know. The Divine feminine, that has been talked about forever, and has been undervalued in our society, as well as the healed Divine masculine, will continue to heal and harmonize. Technology will continue to bring us closer to one another. This is why I didn’t focus here-you already know all of this.

It is an election year (or period), so search your soul and vote from that place, do not vote form fear or from ego, instead set the trajectory for your arrow toward the version of life you discovered in your canvas exercise.

Assistance from beyond:
This is here now, and I can feel it very strongly. Please know that our planet and humanity is certainly being assisted from beyond. We have many supportive energies assisting right now in the entirety of our process forward.

You are used to feeling. You know what this time is all about, you can feel it in the depths of your bones, almost as if had been put there before you were born. Trust this and call up these feelings, hold them and meditate with them, stay curious and learn from them. Allow them space to permeate and breathe through your body to inform your decisions around what you are willing to let in, how much media you consume, what feelings are yours versus the feelings of the collective. You can feel your own feelings, with full understanding of what the collective is feeling “out there” and still influence it with love, without taking on the fear. Work to strengthen this ability. Listen to your essential body and know that any feeling you have that is also in the collective will be an amplified experience.

When it becomes too much, remember to look for love. See how you are wired for it. See how you love. Look for it in others, watch it demonstrated. When you look for it, you will see it. And it is a lovely way to re-frame, re-focus, and devote ourselves to the one force that lives and breathes in us all, and wants to universally help in moving us into the highest versions of ourselves individually and collectively. Commit to seeing the highest for all on the planet. See us healthy. See us thriving, see the highest possible version of life you can imagine through the support of your vessel capacity as an intuitive. Use these images to paint our collective future.

One of the biggest reasons I’ve found for resistance to our intuition, is that you can’t unknown what you know. Once you are made aware of something, or you have chosen to tune in and receive knowledge or wisdom, there is no real way to shake that, and sometimes, especially in crisis, it can be heavy. But it can also provide deep relief. Remember that your higher-self voice is energetically long and loving. We need your wisdom now. Please share your voice and your higher-self insights with those you feel called to. Share the ideas that are dripping into your system. Share how you know the world could be.

Get to a place where you can allow this quiet period to support your inner listening. Use this quiet time to receive the words and sounds of the truth around you, to hear your call. Listen to what peace is. Hear nature expressing more vividly. Hear humanity slowing down. Hear the lack of abrasion. And use this witnessing through clairaudience to guide your own transformation, and the transformation of humanity. 

You are deeply intuitive. You can access anything I can access. The only difference may be that I have a deeper level of trust in what I receive, I have trained myself to receive, and I have worked to understand. As my dear friend Dawn Elle (another incredible Intuitive who I will share with you in my Resources list coming out soon) put it, as we discussed how long it took us to get to a place of deep trust with our intuitive practice, “We’re gonna have to help them fast forward that shit!” Because truly, you will need to understand how to receive your intuitive information in the next iteration of human experience. It is a necessary language, and I am here to help you, as are so many healers, teachers and practitioners, as is the new energy that is available to all of us now.

Also, please re-visit the 2019 Intuitive Insights if you wish because they continue to be relevant through this year.

If you need more support, please reach out for a session or a mini-session, and see how I can help support you in your individual revelatory period for the heart, as well as your spiritual connection and your integration.

Full sessions are buy three, get one free if you prefer the hour-long format. Just email me at jenna@jennagessay.com if you’d like to work through this year together in this way.

There will be a resource list I will send as a follow up to this email, it will have many practitioners I have personal experience with and some current resources to get you through this time.

Big love to each of you.

In light,

Jenna Gessay

Founder of JennaGessay.com & Co-Founder of TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing. Intuitive Consultant, Freelance Writer & Eternal Student. "Be the light that you are."

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