Holiday Guidance: Joy + Grace

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While we wrap up another potent and dynamic year, I will keep it short and sweet with my holiday guidance, because I know you have loved ones to connect with and shopping to do!

On Facebook, I asked you what tips and tools you used to stay grounded, aligned and centered during the holidays. You mentioned everything from capturing the feeling of the details to daily gratitude lists, grounding and uplifting essential oils, and even Pokémon Go 😉

Here are a few of mine that are tried and true, and honestly a bit obvious, but I certainly need reminders myself during this often overwhelming time of year.

Yep, breathe. Kundalini breathing, deep heart centered breaths, slow and steady breathing, athletic breathing…I’m not going to get specific about technique here, I just encourage awareness around how centering and grounding it is to focus on our breath, and to actually make sure we aren’t holding our breath. Stress can do that sometimes, it can stop us from this most essential and life-giving flow…our breath. Remember what a precious gift it is to breathe sweet air into our lungs and the soft reminder of the in and out, the yin and yang, the give and take of life. Focusing on breathing will help you stay balanced through the holidays.

Tradition + Grace
Traditions are big in my family, and while they are so fun to look forward to, they can also pile on more stress during an already very busy time of year. Being a mother has certainly served up lots of lessons around grace, and I will carry that learning into the holidays. Stay adaptive and nimble and know your truest priorities and values. Don’t let the needs of others (eh em, family and friends) dominate your choices around where to be and when…you be the chooser. You set your calendar, you decide what it important for your soul this holiday. In essence, remember to fill your cup first because I can promise you that nobody else will do it for you. Fulfilling holidays require us to know our needs and tend to them, and to wrap ourselves in warm cloaks of sparkly grace.

Remember, Love Activated
If you have worked with me before, you know that I call our “highest joy” love-activated. Joy is scientifically measured at a higher vibration than love, so I consider our joy, our truth to be love-activated. Sometimes during the holidays we are acutely aware of others’ pain (as well as our own) and there can be moments of feeling helpless, of feeling lost or like there isn’t a thing we can do to serve, and this is almost never the case. So, during the holidays if you are feeling called to a cause or to serve in some way, I promise the Divine will meet you with the details of how to activate that calling. Pray, sit, meditate, be with this call to help. Your Higher guidance will deliver ways to show up, ways to be in your highest joy, ways to activate love. Personally, there is no greater feeling than this ever, and it is blessed with a special kind of magic during the holidays.

Check Your Expectations
Going into the holidays, check your expectations (and avoid taking others’ expectations of you personally). This is huge for me! I tend to have grandiose expectations of what I can get done in a day, or how I can show up…and during the holidays this can bite me in the behind big time. There can be expectations around how an event will feel, a meal will turn out, a gift might be received…while none of that really matters, our egos can certainly get wrapped up in an idea of what it might look like, right? To temper potential disappointment, or urgency around perfection or performance, drop expectations in favor of setting a tone in your heart. Stop for a moment before heading into anything you are excited about, and check the expectations that are there around outcome, surrender those and choose a tone for the day in your heart. Center on a feeling you are going to carry with you. Find the intention behind what you’re doing, stay with the energy of that deeper, loving motivation. It will carry you through any terrible meal mishap or Christmas Vacation-esque moment this season.

If you didn’t read this Holiday Guidance post, it may be helpful as well.

Cheers to the most magical time of year!

Wishing you and yours a safe, peaceful and heart-full holiday season.


Jenna Gessay

Founder of & Co-Founder of TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing. Intuitive Consultant, Freelance Writer & Eternal Student. "Be the light that you are."

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