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Universally, this year feels intense in a magnetic way. We have an opportunity to further “align the animal” inside of us, meaning the part of us that comes with the human package. We will encounter our ego fears, our blinded perceptions, our bodies, our primal instincts, our shadow: our humanity. How do we bring these aspects of ourselves into the accessible pure love that our spiritual essence offers? 2018 feels like a year for this relationship to intersect in a deeper and more integrated way.

That said, 2018 is tumultuous, it’s not going to be a mild ride, and this isn’t necessarily a negative thing. It just means our head-game needs to be strongly aligned and focused on what it is we want to create rather than what we don’t, who we are called to be, not who we aren’t. This will require focus, and checking in often asking if we are tuned in and aligned with our own truth. It also means we have the opportunity to look at our edges, where we need stretching, where we are called to grow or soften. We will likely leave the year with a greater capacity to love. How we get there though, that is in Divine hands. I think we are already starting to see this happening around us, collectively.

2018 offers a vivid opportunity to examine our relationship to ourselves in the worthiness department. Where are your struggles here? What are your beliefs? What experiences have driven or are driving your beliefs and therefore your experience? If you feel as worthy as you are as a child of God/Source/Love/Purity/Truth/Creation (whatever name you give it), as the light of all light and the essence of all essence at your soul and core, then you may not have an issue but for most of us, in all of our human “messiness” we need reminding. So, remind people often of their true goodness, their light, their true purity. See others through this lens, and then try delivering that truthful kindness to yourself as well. We need to operate from this place for our planet to heal. So, take your compliments a step further this year. And start having that sentiment reflected back to you so you can own it, walk with it and be the light that you are. Surround yourself with those that do the same.

Lastly, my sense is that if you don’t want to be at the whim of the collective this year, you may want to center yourself and anchor yourself into your spiritual connection from the get go every day, so here are some ways to do that, and a few additional insights.

Don’t be afraid of the fire, it is clearing.
There is propellant energy in 2018, don’t fear it, let it work with you. You’ll see big shake ups in the news and probably in your life too, letting go of what no longer serves, and this energy may also take what is comfortable away so we can grow. Just look at the back half of 2017 when it started ramping up-the sexual misconduct revelation and rise of conscious Hollywood etc.—more of this to come all in favor of the feminine energy rise…a beautiful byproduct of this type of movement is unity. And finding our common good and common ground. Standing together.

Go where you are called, and ONLY where you are called.
Please stay aligned when it comes to serving and giving. Your energy and potentially your energetic and physical material resources will be tugged in many different directions this year, so give from a place of truly being called rather than obligation or just because you ought to or because someone you care about asked. Stay aligned here and test your spiritual maturity. Understand that when we go outside of the boundaries of where we are called, we often get drained, anchored and tangled up in other’s drama, as well as potentially enabling or interrupting another person’s path.

Hold onto your holy.
And by holy I mean sacred, and by sacred I mean truth. Stay close to your heart and the energy that best leads you forward. Write your values, your true desires, your why, your highest prayers down and keep them tucked in your wallet or pocket as a daily reminder.

Embrace simplicity.
Do we really need all of this stuff? How many events do we need on the calendar? How many special relationships do we need to be nurturing? One way to stay aligned with our truth is to pare down. The energy of the year will be working on our external layers like a skin brush to our spirit as it is, let’s allow this exfoliation and move with it by letting go on our own of what we don’t need in our closet, pantry, yard, spiritual path, inside of our beautiful hearts. Simplifying can be so empowering and clarifying. It certainly helps clear energy and get things moving.

Keep your mind focused on what you do desire, rather than what you don’t.
Our head game is super important in 2018-staying completely focused as far as our energetic investment on what we do want rather than what we don’t because whether we like it or not, due to this propellant energy we are all “master manifesters” and the Universe only says “yes” and leans support in the direction we are already going so course correct if you’re finding “bad things keep happening” because you’re focused on the bad things that are happening. It works in reverse just as well! It’s just that our society is often wired to tune in on the negative, a primal protective instinct. So it takes work to stay deep in gratitude and close communication with your soul’s desires to know what is most aligned for you. Especially when we are on a bumpy ride, our minds can drift to what we don’t want to happen, we need to stay centered on what we do want to happen, on our deepest desires and highest intentions, especially when we are experiencing challenge. I am not saying our positive intentional focus will protect us from challenge or suffering, but it can certainly help. Positivity, high vibrations and intentions do beget positive high vibes, and you will feel stronger and more confident about being present in the moment with your heart and soul if you can give this to your mind to chew on.

Be rooted and ready.
We need to be nimble, but also deeply rooted. In other words, know who you are, have conviction and at the same time be willing to move away from old perceptions, old beliefs that have kept you from growing. Be open to surprises in the metaphoric mirror this year.

Stick to a morning practice.
Spend the first five minutes after waking up (or more if possible) dedicated to your spiritual practice, to connecting with yourself and whatever you call God or the Divine. This can change the trajectory of your entire day, and your entire year. This is where you start, and spending some time in pure gratitude will help shift your day as well. If you’re into prayers and mantras, add that. Do what feels good to you, what helps you feel connected and authentic spiritually.

Meditate anytime, anywhere.
I have a friend who taught Navy SEALs to meditate to hardcore techno music, she herself worked on the NY stock exchange and would meditate in the bathroom stalls when she left the trading floor. Meditation is almost a requirement if “freedom” or “peace” exist within your desires for your life. So, find a way friends. There are about a zillion resources out there from apps to books to free in person workshops. People who meditate regularly seem to love to meditate.

Bless your food and water.
Heck, bless your cell phone. There are a lot of environmental toxins we are dealing with and one way to combat the energetic impact is to bless our food and water and anything else we feel called to bless on intake. I know a mama who blesses the vaccines her children are given. Again, do what works for you, but know that you are making a difference. Check out Messages from Water and the Universe by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Choose aligned relationships.
Your connected support depends on your choices and how you show up in relationships. Be the friend, lover, partner, colleague you want to have in your circle. There is a good chance that some of the people you once put on pedestals may topple off of them and it isn’t their fault, it is part of the clearing and revealing energy of 2018. You will likely trust yourself to move through challenges and big moments in your life independently this year, as a result of aligning with your own truth. You will also be able to show up fully in collaborative efforts.

Channel your creative juice.
What has been stirring in your creative flow lately? What are your creative endeavors and / or gifts? How are you going to show up differently using this aspect of your capacity to channel, to connect? Let inspiration pour in, capture it while it is with you, write it down or speak it into a recording…you’ll be happy you did. Don’t ignore your creative inspirations and insights as they are part of your intuitive side, your capacity to channel and receive, and communicate with your soul and the Divine. Understand you were made to create, you are here to bring forth what is inside of you, and trust that it has the potential to change the world, and certainly your own beautiful experience.

Wishing you a magical, joyful, moving 2018 filled with clarity.

Blessings and light friends!




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