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Watching the challenges, the ride that individual souls are moving through, I am witness to tremendous human strength and suffering. There are triumphs, there are creative epiphanies, and there are invaluable inner moments and openings. It is a vulnerable place I work in, soul-to-soul, connected communication. It is my hope to share what I have learned through these collective experiences to be of loving service, to be a water station on the run, to be a nourishing pool in the rushing river, to be a pause in the wind.

If any of the following helps you, I would love to hear about it. Harmony Compass is meant as a shared environment, a place for us all to offer guidance if we feel it may be helpful. It is a platform and forum for understanding, for movement, for support. How are we to know how derailed we can feel, how isolated in life, if we are never taught oneness and connection? How are we to navigate when all feels lost, fragmented and wrapped in paralyzing fear? How are we to trust divine inspiration when it feels so counter to what we’ve been groomed to know? How can we focus when the world is so noisy? How are we to know what is real? How can we sink from our heads to our hearts and still use our minds? How are we to know where our intuition lies? How can we employ our inner knowing when it is clouded in stress and anxiety? How can we heal ourselves? How do we move out of depression when it is so overwhelming? How do we mend our broken hearts?

I have walked through these questions with people from age 6 to 68 in Intuitive Wellness appointments at our holistic boutique practice, TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing, that my husband and I opened in Southern California. I know that I am offering myself as a vessel, through which spiritual guidance may flow, that is simultaneously and miraculously healing me as well. My heart literally pours out with offerings I wish to share with you here at Harmony Compass. It is my hope that this begins something much bigger: a loving and connected community. 

Often our greatest challenges offer the opportunity for our most beautiful awakenings. May we embrace them and allow them to move through us, without judgment or criticism, may our hearts stay open.

Please explore and please share, please know this is yours. I honor your light and am sending you love. I look forward to connecting and invite you to comment, and share what is on your heart.



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