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Have you asked yourself what your highest is?
What is the best possible life you can dream of living? Get this down on paper. Write from an unconditionally loving and vulnerable place knowing that when it comes to your highest good, anything is possible.

If you haven’t asked yourself what you want, how can you live the life of your dreams?
There is an image, or several looming in the quiet, honest spaces of your mind and heart. There is a divine assignment, your unique expression, a greatness that you have a role in realizing and creating. You may not have all of the puzzle pieces right away, but ask for clarity, and something will arrive. Allow divine timing and work with the universally infinite supply closet for this exercise. Meaning put no limitations on yourself here, simply express from the truest part of you. This is a very brave thing to do; it takes courage to get our dreams out on paper without any judgment, criticism, or worry.

When fear creeps in.
Challenging negative emotions come from a foundation of fear. Fear is human/ ego created and is the single most debilitating and fracturing force when exploring our illuminated dreams. Fear creates the rules that squash our light, dim our color, and limit our canvas. If fear comes up when writing down a really imaginative, juicy, and true “life-dream,” understand that this can be a very good sign, a growing pain that naturally comes with the territory when we reach for big things. Fear is an expression of a mind that doesn’t like change. Most often, divine guidance and expressing deep truth nudges us beyond our comfortable edges. So identify what your true fear is, and simply lift it up and out of your creative space, or soak the fear in light, drawing from your faith. This movement allows the growth of your dreams.

This is an intuitive Harmony Compass exercise.
This is a wonderful exercise in using your intuition, listening to your higher self, letting the compass light guide you toward your fullest expression and deepest freedom. This can also be an exercise of allowing, receiving, and trusting. You are participating in a co-creative process and your soul has an expression it is always ready to show you. Go to your heart-space for guidance and trust what you receive.

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  1. Diane Johnson-Ames

    Sounds great to me! I have dreams & fears! I am a work in progress. I am 64, healthy & beginning to re-learn why I am here!


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