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What defines a miracle to you? To me changes of heart are miracles, kindness shown is a miracle, oneness is a miracle, and so is the dog. To me miracles don’t always have to be bright and shiny, I remember being very pregnant and tying my own shoe felt like a miracle, close parking spots were miracles. I believe miracles are everywhere; sometimes you just have to intend to see them for them to reveal themselves or for your mind to shift into noticing and appreciating them. Miracles are Divinely fingerprinted blessings; even if they are messy, they have a little spark of magic. They are powerful even when they are tiny, often offering just the reframe or glimpse behind the curtain we most need just in the nick of time. Miracles are potent medicinal faith, and they live in that spiritual energy that moves us even when we are stubborn, angry or broken. Decidedly positive in orientation, they move us toward our soul alignment. So this holiday season, let’s spend some time focusing on them, shall we? Here are a couple of steps to take to start experiencing more of the miraculous in your life.

Notice the miraculous!
Bring you awareness to all of the miracles in your life, miniscule or monumental, and take notice.
Did someone reach out that hasn’t in a long time, just to connect? Miracle.
Is someone caring for you or a loved one today? Miracle.
Has something seemingly impossible somehow opened up for you? Miracle.
Is a new idea giving you hope? Miracle.
Did nature show up today? Miracle.
Did you feel held in any way today? Miracle.
Did you drink clean water today? Miracle.
Were you given something today? Miracle.
Are you healthy and able today? Miracle.
Were you inspired today? Miracle.
Did someone deliver something to your door today? Miracle.
Did you wake up to a new day today? Miracle.
Is your heart beating in your chest? Miracle!
You get the idea!

Document and share your miracles!
Start a miracle journal! Similar to a gratitude journal, write down all of the miraculous things that happened in your day and that you noticed. Maybe even jot down the miracles you witnessed in other peoples’ lives that inspired you, (isn’t that a miracle too?) When you document your miracles, it gives your focused attention to something positive that is living, growing, building…and that is tremendously powerful. Just look at your list! It’s amazing! Tell your friends about your miracle experiences and about your list, encourage them to start their own.

Also, I would love to know about your miracles! If you follow me @jennagessay on Instagram and would share your list or a picture of a holiday miracle with the hashtag #holidaymiraclework that would be wonderful! I would love to be inspired by your miracles and here’s what I know about “group efforts” with this type of thing: if you start sharing your miracles, you will feel inspired, so will others, and while we are collectively focused on the miraculous and being inspired by each others’ miracles, it will literally become challenging to not see miracles! They are truly everywhere!

Fill your heart with gratitude for your miracles and create them for others.
The word angel to me means “messenger of the Divine” (God, Source, Creative Intelligence, Higher Power, the Infinite, whatever name you give it). When you have a list of all of your miracles, it will be tough to feel anything but gratitude and perhaps awe. Be present with that gratitude, let it fill your heart and spill out onto the parts of you that aren’t feeling particularly grateful or hopeful or inspired. Also, pay it forward. Be an angel to someone, help them know through a small act of kindness, of honesty, of pure heart energy that there is something greater out there, and also within them. Let someone go before you in line, recognize the load someone is carrying and lighten it, look someone in the eye, volunteer for a cause you care about, call someone you care about out of the blue, give to those in need, hug a stranger, buy a small extra gift card and give it to a stranger (someone did this for me last year during the holidays and it literally made me cry with gratitude and awe for days).

Enjoy the energy and all of the magic that comes with focusing on miracles this holiday season; I hope it is a wonderful gift you give to yourself!

Jenna Gessay

Founder of JennaGessay.com & Co-Founder of TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing. Intuitive Consultant, Freelance Writer & Eternal Student. "Be the light that you are."

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