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Yes, you have a reason for being, and believe it or not, you already ARE it. You may have not yet chosen however, to express it in a way that truly supports your highest good. That’s okay, that’s what human life just may be about, finding that alignment, and dancing in harmony with it.  

I am a person who believes we are all connected and one with the divine, and that there is a special imprint, as unique as a fingerprint woven through our being. That blueprint on our souls, the divinely inspired “why” we are here, can be called our purpose. In my opinion, our purpose isn’t to “do” anything specific. Our purpose is literally to BE THE LIGHT THAT WE ARE. Our mission is to embody our divine light, and to bring it to the world through our own expression and unique offering. Often this involves our chosen career, or form of service, as we spend a lot of our time “doing” our work. This article is largely focused on that loving service aspect of our purpose because once we lock into that, we align with our wholeness, a fulfillment unlike any other. I know this from personal experience, and through the hundreds of clients I have helped get there too. It is important to remember however, if we aren’t in the perfect job/service capacity for us, we’re not alone, and this doesn’t mean we aren’t already living on purpose, because we can still be who we are fully, in the imperfect place and scenario, it just may be more challenging. Often times we feel like we are where we are for a reason, and sometimes it is to shine light through the dark. You decide if where you are right now is aligned. If you are not feeling aligned, may this article help you find the light switch in the dark.

Everyone has a purpose, and can find their divine loving service.
Our divine loving service can vary from being a stay-at-home-mom to a NAVY Seal, a babysitter to an investment banker, an animal whisperer to a train conductor, a civil engineer to an epidemiologist, a monk to an acrobat. Even babies, dogs, and trees are aligning with their loving service, so everyone reading this is included. Essentially everything we can think of including newly invented ways to spend our time can be vessels to express our light, and serve the world. The starting point is realizing we are already everything we need to be, we are worthy, whole and if we feel like we are lacking, it is likely because we have not aligned with the divinely inspired reasons for our being. We’ve just forgotten, not to worry, this article is meant as a reminder!

When you are in your divine loving service, you know it. 
So, if that doesn’t seem totally apparent, some soul searching is in order. Here are some questions to light the fire, sit with them and explore your answers deeply. Make sure you are answering them with your whole heart, and with the filter of pure authenticity. Purpose isn’t based on the “what you’ve done” resume, but the “who you are,” resume, so start by writing down as much as you can about who you are.

  • If you could do anything and get paid your desired compensation, what would you be doing?
  • What change are you passionate about seeing in the world?
  • What are your passions, interests, and dreams?
  • What is your soul calling for, your higher self? What is your intuition telling you?
  • What are you already doing of service, and not getting paid for?
  • Who are you deeply, innately called on to serve?
  • What ego based cravings will you have to forfeit to pursue your true divine assignment?
  • What fears and insecurities are in the way?
  • How long have you known who you are?
  • What goals are true to you but also seem illogical, impractical, impossible?
  • What would make you happy?
  • What is your truth?
  • What are you afraid to tell people about yourself?
  • What environments help you thrive?
  • Why do you believe you are here on Earth this lifetime?
  • How do you desire to heal the world?
  • What do you desire to give?
  • What do you desire to be remembered for? Acknowledged for?

Take the time to ask yourself what you want. Insert cliché about infinite possibilities here, but if you really want the seemingly impossible, you need to start by getting it in writing, seeing the picture, planning where you’ll be, and bringing that idea into the present because everything starts with an idea. Once you have it out on paper, it will never forget you. In other words, prepare yourself, and congratulations; you just woke up the powerful dragon in your soul. Time to move toward your soul work, and you’ll need a few things to help you start off aligned.

What you need when living on purpose:

You need boundaries around saying yes and no, you need to be keenly attuned to your inner wisdom, the voice that tells you what is aligned, and what feels far away from where your internal compass is pointing. Set them up in advance, and communicate them clearly.

Surround yourself with your chosen community that lifts and encourages you toward your highest good rather than anchoring you down.

If you’re not dialing directly into the divine, how can you know what your soul, the soul of Creation, the Universe, of God, wants you to do? This is imperative. (See the October Monthly Guidance for more on this). Perhaps even more challenging is the aspect of trust, if you are not already totally faithful, moving toward your loving service will take you there. 

Living in your purpose is not for the faint of heart. If you’re going to take this courageous path, you’re going to have to love and accept yourself, even when nobody else does. You’re going to have to accept that lessons and the growth that results along the way through experience is also part of your purpose. 

Feeling ready to jump in?
Living in your passion, your dream, your purpose is hard work. It will be challenging, sweaty, scary, amazing, enthralling, intense, encompassing, and beautiful. In order to prepare you, here are some of the common experiences people who live in their purpose face. 

The most challenging part of living in your purpose is that it feels:

You simply care more. It is the burning passion in your soul, it will matter more to you and have a more significant impact on your overall wellbeing than the one that just pays the bills. Check out Dangled Carrots to read more about this.

“Just do what you love!” It seems obvious enough, but in the world you work in every day, where the bills flood in and Timmy needs a tooth filling and the roof is leaking, you may move your own truly authentic and inspired endeavors to the back burner. If you truly are aligned, that means you are on DIVINE TIMING and you are totally divinely supported. This takes trust. Here are two articles to help you if you find yourself stuck in the excuse of circumstances…it is not unlike when a couple is deciding to bring children into the world, their friends and loved ones will support them by saying there is “never a perfect time.” The perfect time is as soon as you choose it to be, so yes, now is an option. 

Dangled Carrots: Proof You’re Headed Toward Your Dreams
Time is Taffy

Remember in 3rd grade when you had to give your first speech and everyone was staring at you and you felt naked? That’s what it is like in the beginning when you are living 100% in your truth, because there is nowhere to hide. The good news is that you get used to it. Take off the masks; the layers that no longer serve you as the world can actually be surprisingly loving.

Urgency! “I’m late, I’m late! Everyone else is already doing what I wanted to do!” You are on time, you are perfectly on time, but don’t delay, tune in and see what guidance you can get right now toward your highest expression and purpose. If you feel anxious take a baby step toward your highest. 

Feeling protective comes up often, particularly plaguing entrepreneurs. You start to think those devious people already may have even stolen your idea from your notes on your phone somehow, and you stop wanting to share your idea with people. You close up and tuck away your thoughts, you fret and get triggered by your own defenses, it becomes you with your tiny little resources against the world, and then there you are again stuck in your story…stop the madness. The Universal abundant supply closet is open to you, and never left you, ask for help! There will never be another one of you in all time, so no matter what you do, if coming from your true essence, it will be unique and there is room for it in the world.

When you first stood in line for the big carnival ride, when you graduated from the kiddie rides, feeling passionate about the giant Ferris wheel, but slowly approaching that plywood painted clown holding his measuring stick, about to check your height, your palms are sweaty, you’re nervous…that’s what endeavoring toward your purpose feels like. We are seeking acceptance. We are collectivists. We are one thing. But we live in a culture that celebrates our separateness, our individuality and independence. Don’t forget that we are all in this together, we’re all afraid of the big ride, and excited for it too. And we will fall a few times and get up and dust our knees off, we may even get rejected, but we will fly and triumph together too.

If you can face those feelings, here is what you will receive in return:

There is nothing more exciting than waking up to do what you are truly here to do in the world. What a beautiful gift you have been given and chosen for. Most of you reading this are extraordinarily fortunate from a resource standpoint compared to the rest of the world, so please don’t allow any circumstance to stand in the way. Choose into the excitement and contagious enthusiasm that is uncontainable within you, the service ideas that make your heart sing. The world needs you. 

The feeling of being stuck may very well be one of the biggest causes of human suffering. Movement toward your highest expression, on the other hand, accelerated by the pure innate forces within, will feel like flying. This is an avenue to a natural high you can tap into simply from doing what you love.

What a beautiful expression, pure joy! You will experience joy when you are aligned with your divine purpose. This joy is fulfilling, enduring, and intoxicating.

You are most likely more creative when you’re happy. Don’t be surprised if those times where your fingers can’t type fast enough and your words can’t capture and express the beauty and ideas that are swimming in your mind and heart happen more often than you’ve ever experienced.

When you are faithfully aligned with your own truth and you start expressing from that place, you are also aligning with your worthiness. You will feel more full, and it will become more and more challenging for the money mind to tear you down.

The Divine has the wheel; you are no longer in control. Your mind is shutting up and you are being totally supported, validated, guided, you are gliding. You are in the lazy river instead of swimming up stream. Finally, your dreams are coming true and it is easier than you thought, in fact, this is the first time you’ve felt like you, this is the first time you’ve felt this part of your heart fire, this part of your mind move, this part of your soul soothed. Ahhhh, yes, this is it. You’re in it, welcome home.

As we continue our adventure toward finding our aligned higher purpose and loving service, so does the world around us. Notice those you inspire, those you touch with your work, through your experience of being the light that you are. You will feel blessed beyond measure.   



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