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“How did it get so late so soon?” Dr. Seuss

Have you ever noticed that time is a stretchy, gooey, moveable essence?
We have all experienced meetings, classes, conference calls, seminars, that felt like they were days long but according to the clock, only lasted an hour. Daydreaming, doodling, counting, listing, creating out of boredom and a need to break out of feeling stuck in wasted time. We have also experienced the opposite with time: countless hours spent on the phone or in deep conversation with a loved one, watching children play, getting lost in a creative project, napping, and it feels like minutes have passed. By the clock’s calculation however, we’ve been occupied for hours. I find that the time right as we doze off into sleep, and the sweet time as we wake up is also particularly elastic, and expansive time. Meditation, prayer, exercise, creative time when we give ourselves space, is time where profound experiences happen. New realizations, spiritual experiences, processing, growth, expansion, illumination, ideas, can all originate from this stretchy, gooey time. With time as unpredictable, and flowing as this, is it real? Many of us feel that we only truly have this moment right now, and right now, and right now. If we are present in this way, all time is now, and all experiences are now.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Time is without boundaries.
Time from my understanding is not real in the way we think, it is not bound by the same “rules” as we may feel we are; it is not concrete and rigid. Rather, time is flexible, adaptive, and free. Recently, I have been working with several clients who have shared their experiences that lasted for only a minute or so, but that have profound effects on their lives. The moment they are in a space of receiving divine connection and guidance, felt like it lasted for hours or days, like a dream. Expansiveness and connection are part of spirituality. Releasing time may be part of who we are, as we are part of infinity. 

“Time is an illusion.” Albert Einstein

When I tune in intuitively about time, I see vast experiences, beyond what I can possibly describe, but I also see them all as happening in the same exact instant and that instant is more endless than I had ever imagined, and more that I have words for. Time does not show me 12-month calendars, 365-day years, or 60-second minutes. Instead, I am shown a bright, complex depth without boundaries in all directions. Have you seen this before?

We can feel the simple and profound moments in which big changes, big movements in our lives, profound realizations occurred. Do you feel those moments exist truly in the past somewhere, or in the now as we carry them with us through our experience? Similarly, are the pictures and ideas of what our soul is calling us to, truly in the future or are they right now, being carried with us until we decide to create and birth them into what we, through 5 senses, call reality?

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha

 We move, make, stop, stretch, and waste time, so then what is it?
Here’s the thing I hope to get across…whatever your perspective may be on the subject of time, you will probably agree that we have some creative control over how we respond and react to time, and how we use it. We move with time. Our essence always is. In human form, our dancing experience, we are always expanding and growing, moving and breathing through each moment. So time may simply be a part of us.

Ask for divine timing.
If you feel yourself forcing something to happen, allowing worries to spin out of control into pictures of fantasy what-if scenarios, if you feel stuck in a story or old pattern, or if you are avoiding greatness, joy, or love because of a wounded “past,” recognize this is a spot in your experience that might be helped by a little divine timing. Whatever it is you are worried about or fearful of, allow the purity that you are to come through.  If you are “trying” to do something, for instance, “We’re trying to make a baby.” My mentor says, “Trying is not doing.” Secondly, this is a perfect place to put away the forceful masculine, “DO” energy and instead bring in and ask for divine timing, allowing the blessing to happen. We can ask for divine timing whenever we are feeling urgency or when our human need to control comes up.

Bring your highest expression into being, right now.
From a practical standpoint, in order to be more present, in the here and now, releasing the boundaries of time, (and the stress we infuse it with) and interest in the future, I encourage you to bring that highest expression that is a longing in your soul, your spirit, your essence and higher self, into the present. “I am…” as if it is so, create your reality right now. Be the light that you are.

Also, once you recognize that beyond all form, beyond the body, you are exactly that expansive image, and those that come after it, you may feel free. You are one with time, expressing this moment, always. Appreciate who you are right now, ENOUGH. You are truth. You are whole. You are essence. Ultimately, you are beyond time. So there is enough of that precious “resource,” that delicious stretchy gooey playful space called time, there is enough of it too. Time is perfectly creating right inside of you.

Please share your experiences with time as a flexible essence in the comments below! How can you be more present right now?


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