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Well, 2016 was a whopper. If you’ve ever been through a yoga class that really moved you, internally and externally, and you’re winding down your practice, settling into Savasana and the fetal position before the instructor turns on the lights, feeling wrung out, raw, and not quite ready to get up from the floor, that is how many of us feel at the threshold of the new year. The good news is that 2017 takes that vulnerability and ushers it forward with gentle support.

In 2016 we felt tossed around; our perceptions were challenged, everything that may have felt solid at one point was shaken from the foundation, and tough lessons were learned. We’re wrapping up a year of closure, of learning and of preparation, making the space and tilling the soil for new seeds. 2016 helped make way for the new, and 2017 promises abundant opportunity to move gently into that new energy.

If you noticed a veil of your own “stuff” (stories you tell yourself, your concerns and worries, insecurities and worthiness challenges) often lingering in your conscious presence in 2016, you are not alone. As we wrap up the year, we are able to see through the fog a bit, to articulate the energy and lessons that were there and pull them down into our awareness in a way that we can integrate. And the really good news is, 2017 helps us drink up and absorb the learning and the unencumbered truth underneath our own drama, and the drama of the world around us. We will see our reality more clearly than ever as it is revealed to us through movements toward universal transparency that are a monumental part of the fabric of 2017 and the energy the new year is offering.

Here are a few key intuitive insights into 2017:

Healing & Integration
The overarching and resounding message and theme I keep receiving about 2017 is that it offers “gentle support” and “new light” to us if we choose to receive it. We have been through a major transition and closure period, and it takes time to allow the healing to fully integrate from learning big lessons and to get back up on our feet again. So while 2017 is certainly geared toward the support of new ideas, projects, concepts, movements, collaboration and expansion, it is also gently supporting our journey to becoming more whole, wise, healed, loving people.

More Transparency (two-fold)
The transparency of what is going on in the world and the transparency of what is going on within each of us, our individual truths are really being called into play this year.
-The world, our collective consciousness is asking to be fed in a way that is truthful, so there will be more transparency in the media, and social outlets, in governments…it is being demanded this year. There is a double edge to that, as it requires us to know more, and then be responsible for that knowledge. It requires our spiritual discernment with decisions and actions, for instance consciously choosing where we receive our news and information. 2017 is a loud year globally so make sure you’re intuitively listening to the undercurrents, read between the lines. This will be easier than ever before, so if at first you feel confused by news you hear, take it to meditation and process it in a deeper way allowing the truth to reveal itself to you.

-In addition, your authenticity, honesty and genuine communication are everything. Go boldly. Tell the truth. Have rock solid faith. Be YOUR true expression. Pay attention to your heart; let it whisper you back to your true north when your mind and anxiety would have you stray or keep you playing small. Allow your genuine feelings to come up and move through you, there’s a tide present that will carry unhelpful fears and worries away. The more you can be YOU, the more the world will move toward acceptance of everyone’s true expression.

Authentic Relationships
Our relationships are focal points in 2017; not just interpersonal but our relationship to self, to ego, to identity, to the choices we’re making and that which takes up space in our lives, (our jobs, influences, environments etc.) We can’t hide who we are, any false fronts will be easily seen through, so it is important to ask yourself who you are right now, who you want the world to know you as, and maybe even what legacy you want to leave. Look at the relationships in your life, evaluate intuitively if they are a match for you right now, and what energy might need tending to. Check in on the alignment and any fine-tuning that you can offer your relationships. Look at your role, and take responsibility for the way you are currently or have been showing up. Remember that relationships are psychic mirrors, so there is always something to learn about ourselves through the connections we are offered in our relationships, and this year really asks us to tend to the relationships that impact our lives most.

Refined Expansion
We are vulnerable and growing really fast like newborns, there is exponential growth at the individual level. 2017 allows us to grow in an optimal way, with support, love, grace and energy rather than feeling enslaved to our lessons, beaten down by them, or unable to move through our lessons in the way that works for us. The growth honors us as individuals. You have some choice as far as where you want to emphasize your personal growth by asking for and intending to receive support in bolstering specific aspects of you in a stronger way. For instance, if you really want to emphasize your creativity, confidence or intuition this year (all profoundly supported), just ask.

Empathic Connections & Shared Experience
2017 really asks us to hold hands, to band together, to join forces for good. Did you meet someone in 2016 that really touched your heart? Did anyone really motivate you to do what you love? Did you share a powerful experience with someone? Did a cause or movement call to you? You will likely see these connections show up in more meaningful and deepened ways in 2017.

This leads me to the most important thing I can tell you about 2017:

Go Where You Are Called
Everything is aligning in 2017 to offer you opportunities to follow your truth in ways that have not been available before. That means we need to be listening, with our body wisdom, our big open hearts, paying attention to those synchronistic connections that call to us. Go where you are called. Be open to reaching out, trying new things and collaborating in ways the Universe is opening up for you. Watch the empathic connections from ’16 come back around in ’17, and be sure to explore why you are called to them.

A Time for Courageous Movement Forward
Especially in service to the collective, humanity; everyone doing what is aligned for them. Some years we’re sitting back and watching or resting or just moving through our own stuff but this is a year to hold hands and move forward with your beliefs, to take thoughtful action. Any new creative endeavor, or thoughtful intention is given go-juice and new light. This is an area we need to be really mindful with our thoughts as they are extraordinarily creative and will manifest quickly.

Pacing your Flow
2016 asked us not to force anything, and did a really good job of impeding our efforts if we did try to use force, especially creatively and in relationships. 2017 continues this by gently nudging us into a flow that really suits our own intuitive spirit-type, rather than the way society or the influential people in our lives would ask us to. This year will go fast. Be smooth with your pacing, allow the gentle energy of 2017 to move you, and ride the current rather than holding onto the way deadlines are met, projects are completed, inspirations are answered and rites of passage are walked through (personal and professional). It is a good year to consciously release any engrained rigid processes and old, worn out routines.

Strong Impact, Deep Footprints
One really interesting insight I received about 2017 is that in this year, the choices we make, (especially who we choose to BE) and the actions we take have a very strong impact. So if you’re beginning projects, any time you dedicate to the start of the project matters, if you go where you are called you should feel other pieces of your life falling in to place and aligning for you, and if you connect with people and offer your loving service, those footprints will be deeper, and will be remembered, rewarded and are supported to have maximum benefits to all this year.

Jenna Gessay

Light Guide & Founder of JennaGessay.com & Co-Founder of TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing. Intuitive Consultant, World-changer Workshop Creator, Healer & Heartsong Adventurer, Freelance Writer & Eternal Student. "Be the light that you are."

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