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There are ways to let go, and yet we hold on tight to so much. There is a whisper; a Divine threading that holds our path together, in a succinct manner. It is a flow deep in our inner being, not unlike the ocean, where there are tides that change but ultimately something really consistent, powerful, gentle and supportive is always on in the background. If we can call that energy up and start listening to it, we will feel more held, less afraid and more able to release the reigns. Given the freedom to operate in our lives, Divine hands and the incredibly synchronistic technical orchestration of our path can get really magical and miraculous helping us trust even more.

This seems challenging right now, as we near the end of 2016, a year of closure and difficult emotions, separations, endings, and dark corners of ourselves that have been opened up and splattered on the windshield of our consciousness, and one where we are just trying to articulate the lessons behind our often unexpected experiences. When we face challenges, we often want to almost hold on tighter like, “I’ve got this, I can handle it, I am going to look at it, learn from it.” But we need to be careful not to squash the light in the process. There are miraculous offerings when we commit to learning our lessons for the growth that wants to emerge. The Divine is always there cheering us on, helping us see that it is worth the journey, but we need to recognize these signs, communication and support. One of the ways we can best release the control around our spiritual path is to get in touch with our intuitive dialog daily, checking in with our guides, angels, ancestors and the Divine at large, whomever and whatever energies we hold sacred and trust. Commit to checking in. How much freedom you are giving the Divine to show up in your life? Are you honoring your soul? Feel your heart and body wisdom, are you open? Make this a part of your daily spiritual practice.

A metaphoric picture the Divine has offered me lately around this is of a goliath, intimidating roller coaster with lots of twists, turns and loops. They basically show me that we can either choose to get in the ride, sit in the bucket seat with a lap bar over us, holding us in place, to trust that the energy that built this crazy path can also carry us through it, probably in record time and we can move through fear like we didn’t know we could. Or we can choose the alternative; we can train hard and get the most up-to-date running gear and gadgets, but we are running next to the ride, trying to stay on the path, but doing it independently. Inevitably, if we choose to go it alone, without Divine intervention, without the whispers of our souls, with only our trained minds who lean on the experiences we’ve had in the past and our beliefs that were built based on those beliefs, we are going to hit roadblocks that we simply can’t get past. We will also probably encounter loneliness, and our ways of looking to move through the challenges will be really limited, because we are living in the reality of mortal circumstances and stuff. More things, more money, more people won’t as easily get us where we need to go, in fact they may not at all be able to help and instead may become distractions diverting us from where we are meant to be. When we hand the control over to the Divine, it is an intimidating choice, especially when we feel like we have had to do life alone, we have done it well, or things have worked out when we have over-worked, leaned only on ourselves, checked out, sought pleasure, ignored what was up for healing, turned away from intimacy, and denied exposure of our truth. We all know somewhere deeply that when we hand over the reigns, when we fall into Divine arms, we are basically asking for miracles, growth, undying love, the true Well to pour through us, to become available to us. We are asking to see how incredibly powerful and worthy we are.

Remember the concept of surrender, the idea of falling into divine arms, running there when things get really challenging. The most important part of that act is to receive whatever guidance may be offered as the Divine tries to help. Take that guidance and put it into action, listening along the way to the steps that are offered to you. When we do this, we live the process of faith. Our lives become more connected, more streamlined, we are stronger in our truth and convictions, we stay openhearted and we live more faithfully in connection with the Divine.

Sending you love today and always.

Jenna Gessay

Light Guide & Founder of & Co-Founder of TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing. Intuitive Consultant, World-changer Workshop Creator, Healer & Heartsong Adventurer, Freelance Writer & Eternal Student. "Be the light that you are."

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