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My one-year-old son Graham often likes to “Choose a card” from his Cherub Angel Cards for Children deck by Doreen Virtue, a gift from a dear intuitive friend. He is thoughtful when he chooses, as if he knows there is an inquiry that needs to happen first. Yesterday the card he chose was “Honor Your Sensitivity.” It was no surprise to me as I have been guided around this message lately. Some of the most profound intuitive guidance arrives in subtle energetic forms, and in order to receive the messages, we must allow our senses to be open and aware.

Courage is required to keep our sensitivity open, because we can get bombarded with irresponsible or negative energies, it is easy to become overwhelmed, and it requires us to honor our own truth and authentic responses. I often sense in sessions that clients are automatically shutting down their sensitivity because it isn’t what the world seems to be asking for from us. Instead, we deny our subtle energetic and intuitive messages, in favor of the louder, pushier more intense ego messages and the messages the outside world would have us believe. We also doubt our own sensitive gut responses, our true feelings, our quiet knowings and the wisdom throughout our subtle bodies because it simply isn’t the language we’re either most attuned to or we have been taught to lean on. But we have all the power to shift this and to honor the truth that lies within.

I feel inspired to encourage us all to witness the sensitivity within ourselves that we may try to hide, or stuff down. Awareness of our openness can have a profound impact on our capacity to receive clarity in guided messages, to act from love and our most sacred soul, and to understand the essence behind and underneath the surface of our circumstantial lives. When we open our sensitivity, honor the ways in which we feel, we sense, we know without knowing how we know; we honor our intuition. Importantly, when we are aware of our sensitivity and we consciously choose to keep it open, something beautiful happens in addition to the heightened intuitive communication: we tend to protect ourselves from harsh energies, we avoid negative influences, we take time for restoration and nourishment when needed. Essentially, when we honor our increasing sensitivity as we open and grow our intuition and spiritual connection, we tend to align more easily with the truth within our soul and find a harmonic cadence with our lives that suits us very well.

Jenna Gessay

Light Guide & Founder of JennaGessay.com & Co-Founder of TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing. Intuitive Consultant, World-changer Workshop Creator, Healer & Heartsong Adventurer, Freelance Writer & Eternal Student. "Be the light that you are."

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