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Fear is in the soil underneath the boulders of all of our negative emotions: worry, anger, frustration, anxiety, insecurity etc. If we are willing to look below the surface of our emotions into the feeling of fear, we can generally get a better picture of what we are really dealing with. What are we scared of? What is our ego trying to help us become aware of so we can grow through it? What fears are in the way of our efforts to align with our soul’s desires and truth?

Sometimes we know something is not in alignment for us, and we must honor it even if we don’t have the perfect rationale as to why. We need to heed the warnings we receive from our sacred souls. Yet, we can get caught and feel stuck and unsure if the fear we are experiencing is from our egos, or is a message from our soul to journey away from a situation, relationship or so often a risky move forward.

Here’s the deal: your soul doesn’t speak in fear. Ego fear is like nail-bitingly anxious-it is panicked, worried, frustrated and often critical. Check in with your body wisdom, how does your heart feel about this? What is your gut telling you? Is your body asking you to move forward, even though your ego mind is telling you its way too scary and you have never been there before so you shouldn’t go? Is your ego throwing a tantrum because your soul is asking you to grow?

Even in the case of being close to grave danger, your soul may help you navigate away from it, by sending a chill down your spine, a sudden knowing to move quickly away, a clear message to walk in a different direction or end a conversation, but the message (and this is where you can really get clarity) will come on the vibration of calm, loving energy-energy you can trust; versus our ego’s directives which generally come with an undertone of fear and panic.

Also, your intuitive voice and soul wisdom are always available to help. Visit last month’s guidance post for a few ways to check in to make sure you are listening to your intuitive voice rather than your ego’s fear.

Remember the lesson so often in this process of growth, leaning away from fear and into faith, listening to our own truth rather than our egos, is to trust our true selves, our purest essence and then love ourselves enough to follow that truth with our choices and actions.

Jenna Gessay

Light Guide & Founder of & Co-Founder of TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing. Intuitive Consultant, World-changer Workshop Creator, Healer & Heartsong Adventurer, Freelance Writer & Eternal Student. "Be the light that you are."

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