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Scouring through Craig’s List ads to find a new place to live that would fit my needs in my twenties became more and more challenging as the search continued, and with each disappointing phone call, I became more desperate. A little white cottage showed up with a yard and a lemon tree, rose bushes in a sweet and desirable neighborhood. I emailed immediately, and was shocked to find out it was available. I will spare you the remaining embarrassing details, but suffice to say I wired over $2000 to Nairobi, to a woman who placed the ad who claimed to be a missionary who helped sick children. I spoke to her on the phone and despite my feeling that this was a little strange and something didn’t feel authentic in her voice, I decided to go for it. I then drove to the place I was supposed to move into, and found a realtor adding flyers to the newly planted “For Sale” sign. It clicked, and I learned a big fat lesson, a heart-breaking one. I had read the warnings on the Craig’s List site, I knew there were international scams like this happening, I knew to watch for them, but I was coming from a desperate, urgent, panicked, fear-based place in my search. We can make some pretty weird and irrational choices when we’re coming from survivalist fear and panic.

It is said that hindsight is 20/20, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes we are meant to learn lessons for our own growth so we won’t get to see or know things in advance, but often if we had just listened to our true feelings, if we had trusted what we were receiving from our inner guidance, we would have avoided some catastrophic detours from our alignment and Divine flow.

There is still a lesson in those negative choices or detours that we saw coming and didn’t necessarily “have to” go through, and that lesson is to trust ourselves, and then love ourselves enough to follow our truth with our choices and actions.

How often have you settled for less than your highest good because you were answering the urgency of your ego? Have you ever manipulated a situation in your favor to get ahead in the moment (hello traffic) when you knew immediately you shouldn’t have? Taken when you felt more called to give? Hidden when your soul was asking you to be seen?

When you are in the process of making big transitions, of making decisions, or inviting in change, do it with your intuition on. Universally our intuition is available to us regardless of the situation. Whether you are choosing a new dentist, your child’s school, grappling over whether or not to pursue a new career, planning your travel itinerary, choosing a life partner, or deciding on something despite the 100 highly qualified opinions around you like having the final word on your own medical treatment plan, the intuitive side of you, your soul wisdom is available to help. So lean on it. Here are a few ways to check in to make sure you’re listening to your intuition:

Slow down to tune into your intuitive feelings:
Ask: Does the situation you are considering FEEL open, expansive, exciting or does it feel tight, constrictive and like an anchor that could pull you down when you think about it?

Ask: Does the situation you’re considering feel like it serves and uplifts you and like it is for the best of all parties involved? Or does it instead feel like you are taking an easy way out, or choosing to settle, or is it the path of least resistance on paper but it feels low vibrating to you? Is the energy around the situation feeling aligned or frantic and fuzzy like static?

Feel: What energy am I pursuing this from? Is it truly in alignment with my soul’s desires? Or am I coming from fear?

Consider: If someone you love deeply came to you with this situation, what wholehearted advice would you offer him or her?

Check in with your body: You’d be surprised at the wisdom in your physical body, there is neurology in your gut and heart just like your mind so pay attention to the subtle feelings you’re being sent from the knowing centers in your body. Notice your posturing and eye contact when you discuss the topic, do you engage fully with your presence and are your shoulders and heart open like you’re bursting with energy or are you closing off and folding up and maybe looking away?

Ground into the earth, set up your soul sanctuary and ask your inner wisdom to tell you what you need to know about this situation. Wait for the guidance to come through, and stay long enough to ask for more clarity. (Try my grounding exercise here if you’ve never done this.)

Ask for more clarity from your guides and angels; trust that you will receive answers.

Use your tools! I put together the Guides to Intuitive Living to help you connect easily to tools that can be integrated into your daily spiritual practice like working with a pendulum, trying cards and guided writing (one of my favorites) in an effort to help bridge the gap between sessions for those of you who continue to work with me periodically and for anyone who wants to try a few new things to help identify their intuition but hasn’t quite known where to start. So download your copy today if this feels like it resonates for you.

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***Many of you have been asking about the difference between fear coming from the ego versus true guidance from your intuition asking you not to move forward, and potentially giving you warnings so we will continue this topic in more detail in August. Until then, trust your inner wisdom, listen to the guidance of your own soul and I am always here for Intuitive Wellness sessions to help you as well!

Jenna Gessay

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