Grounding Meditation… I am so excited to offer the grounding meditation we have done together in Intuitive Wellness sessions as my gift to you. 

About this Grounding Meditation… This is a meditation to connect more deeply with our inner world, our subtle body, our spirit form. We are moving from our soul, Higher Self, spirit, God consciousness, our Light inside, whatever that is to you. We will move from our bodies down deep into the earth, and way up into the heavens. The reason we go to both places is because they feel very different. In my experience, down in the earth is a place to go when I want to connect to my own intuition, my truth. When we feel the tug of family, work, friends, and are unsure of where we stand, down in the earth is a great place to listen quietly to the internal wisdom we already possess, and to connect deeply to our essence to receive our own guidance. When we move back up through our “vessel” we connect way up into the heavens, connecting to all that is, to whatever you believe moves the planets and beats your heart. All sense of separation is lost and we are connected deeply as One. I experience profound love and abundance here, in ways I can’t possibly describe in words. This is where I say my prayers and sit in receiving. You can use this grounding meditation anytime you feel unsure, need centering, if you desire to connect with your inner wisdom or to Source. After some time in the heavens, we will move back down into our bodies and give them a big dose of Light. We will send our innate radiance into every cell, for healing and clarity. Be patient with yourself as you try this exercise, and you can use it anytime. There are no rules, so please feel free to explore your inner landscape witnessing your inner knowings and feelings. Many clients like to use this grounding meditation as a kickoff for their own meditation practice, before they move into silence on their own, or before an Intuitive Wellness session. If this exercise helps to quiet the mind, please feel free to use it for that purpose. However this meditation serves you, I am grateful. Please comment below and let me know your experience.


Jenna Gessay

Light Guide & Founder of & Co-Founder of TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing. Intuitive Consultant, World-changer Workshop Creator, Healer & Heartsong Adventurer, Freelance Writer & Eternal Student. "Be the light that you are."


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