101 SUMMER IDEAS FOR YOU & YOUR KIDS! School is out, so let the fun begin! Just thought I would provide a little list of ideas to help inspire you and your family to have an amazing summer without a dull moment! That said, remember to rest and relax, restore and revitalize too! Happy sunshine time!

Take them to:
1.) A library
2.) A music festival
3.) A historic landmark
4.) A National Park
5.) A wildlife preserve
6.) A fish hatchery or aquarium
7.) A factory (see how something is made)
8.) A museum
9.) A farm (or a dairy)
10.) A beach (ocean, lake etc.)

Visit the:
11.) Humane Society (volunteer)
12.) Botanical garden
13.) Artist’s studio
14.) New park or cement slides
15.) Bee keeper
16.) Horse ranch
17.) Trees (nature hike)
18.) Fire, train, or police station
19.) Bird sanctuary
20.) Planetarium or giant telescope

Easy Creative DIY:    
21.) Face paints or finger paints, play dough, or clay
22.) Slip & slide (from plastic drop cloths)
23.) Mud pies & sandcastles
24.) Write a story (maybe make a book for the grandparents)
25.) Make a healing potion
26.) Throw an art party (display on a clothesline)
27.) Keep a summer journal (gratitude, activity, or dream journal)
28.) Kids pack a picnic (maybe something different like breakfast or dessert instead of lunch or dinner)
29.) Decorate shipping label stickers and give them to friends
30.) Pick wildflowers and give them to strangers
31.) Create a family Summer goal, everyone participates/earns toward the reward (a trip etc., create a chart to see progress)
32.) Backyard campout and storytelling
33.) Make a message in a bottle, wind-chimes, candles, soaps, or ribbon friendship bracelets
34.) Take ordinary games outdoors just change the environment (or Twister, blocks, etc.)
35.) Family Dream Board (or individual vision boards)

Invent a:
36.) Time machine
37.) Superhero
38.) New style
39.) New game
40.) Summer tunes playlist
41.) New dessert, ice cream flavor, or healthy snack
42.) Solar-powered invention
43.) Scavenger hunt
44.) Recycled robot
45.) Obstacle course

Build or grow a:
46.) Garden
47.) Fruit trees or bonsai tree
48.) Flowers and give away cut flowers to friends & family with wish or intention tags tied to them
49.) Treehouse
50.) Mini boat for ponds / bathtub / pool
51.) Toolbox / compost bin
52.) Wish tree
53.) Bird house, bird feeder, bird bath or pet fish aquarium, or a reptile or insect habitat
54.) Paper Airplane fleet, or Origami ornaments
55.) Art board, either scrap metal with magnets or use chalk paint to paint a wall in the house or a space on a door

Mini Adventures:
56.) Flying a kite
57.) Camping and moon hike
58.) River rafting or inner tubing
59.) Kayaking or canoeing
60.) Bird watching, tree climbing
61.)  Fishing
62.) Snorkeling or diving
63.) Boogie boarding, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding
64.) Rock climbing
65.) Jumping at indoor trampoline
66.) Playing croquet, badminton or bocce
67.) Family dance party
68.) Mountain, trail, or urban hike
69.) Hot air balloon ride
70.) Roller-skating outside
71.) Panning for gold, looking for fossils
72.) Shopping at an art supply store for supplies
73.) Backpacking, sleeping under the stars
74.) Cycling
75.) Tide pool exploring
76.) Sport spectating
77.) Dress up and see a music show, play, or the opera
78.) Baking or cooking in a restaurant kitchen
79.) Backyard fort-building
80.) Backyard oasis-creating, (hammock, tent, palm tree, lights, plants, water feature etc.)
81.) Indoor PJ, blanket/movie/snack day with living room fort
82.) Bonfire Sing-a-long (beach, backyard, etc.)
83.) Meditation in nature, grounding, breathing exercises and yoga
84.) Treasure hunting
85.) Road-tripping or traveling (by bus, train, boat, plane, anything out of the ordinary)

Give the community, organize or volunteer:
86.) Beach clean-up and recycle mission
87.) Senior citizens visit (sing, deliver art, play games, listen/tell stories etc.)
88.) Neighborhood clean-up
89.) Make bubble buckets and bring them where all different types of people are, let everyone play together
90.) Create a recycle bin for a place that doesn’t currently recycle
91.) Free car wash asking the person to pay it forward by doing something kind that day
92.) Affirmation station (create your own happy thought)
93.) Book, clothes, toy, or art exchange (one kid’s junk is another’s treasure) or snack exchange, w/ kids cooking lesson
94.) Story time at a park or library, donate old books after reading one last time
95.) Outdoor movie for the neighborhood with a popsicle and popcorn stand

Perform a:
96.) Play or puppet show
97.) Dress up and decorated wagon and bike parade
98.) New dance
99.) Magic show
100.) Family anthem or song (write it together)
101.) Lesson: have everyone demonstrate (charades or acting) the biggest lesson they learned this summer

Jenna Gessay

Light Guide & Founder of JennaGessay.com & Co-Founder of TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing. Intuitive Consultant, World-changer Workshop Creator, Healer & Heartsong Adventurer, Freelance Writer & Eternal Student. "Be the light that you are."

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