Thank you to all of my clients for bringing massive light and love into my life and my loving service each day, and thank you to the Divine in each of us that moves us toward our highest expression. It gives me chills thinking about what this year is going to bring to most of us: fast-paced, soul-rooted growth, moving quickly toward our highest good, supported and guided by the Divine along the way, making choices through our free will toward our electric dreams…in a word, FREEDOM. This year will require action, more movement, quick decision making, and will race by, so find a restorative practice early this year that works for you to ground all of the action into a felt state of embodied presence.

If you have worked with me before, maybe it is time to try an Intuitive Business Development session, or maybe you would love your kids to try one of the World-Changer Workshops, or perhaps these little stories can help someone you know get the courage to come in for Intuitive Wellness. Maybe you will re-visit your notes from our session together and remember what resonated deeply, re-committing to shifting some things in your life. Those who come into sessions with an open heart, and who are willing to move themselves forward through their own connection to the Divine (however that looks to them), are the ones who are experiencing incredible change. They’re moving mountains and finding crystal clarity, all while expanding their own hearts and listening to their inner wisdom, strengthening their intuition. You have all of the built-in wisdom, the intuition, the strength, the moxy, the courage, and the heart to go out and create your most true and highest expression! You are light. You are love.

May you be inspired in whatever way touches your heart…and I look forward to working together in 2014.

Intuitive Wellness 

My Intuitive Wellness appointment with Jenna was the starting point to a whole new life for me. She helped me get in touch with my intuition, which in turn led me to Thailand where I found the love of my life! With gentle love and guidance, Jenna helped me to see the magic, beauty, and potential within me (within all of us). I have felt spiritually awakened since our first appointment and have seen beautiful things happen in my life as a result of my heightened intuition. It was truly an invaluable experience! -KL
My Intuitive Wellness sessions with Jenna have quite literally altered my perspective on my life. I should add, for the better, to that statement. I think I have always been drawn to feelings and the idea of perception. Since my first session that perception has become much more broad. It is as if some pieces of the puzzle fell in to place. I by know means have figured it all out, but I have gained a much greater respect, and comfort, for the path that life is taking me. I first came to Jenna because I had taken over my father’s business and was more focused and working harder than ever before. I was also dealing with more stress and more desire to succeed than ever before. Through the powers that be I learned of Jenna. Even though she did not know me or really know anything of my past she already knew my life. Through this intuition she was able to point out blockages that I myself had put in place. Past issues I was not willing to face. With each session she opened me up to the reality of the human/spiritual journey. Helping me to realize that life does not need to be a struggle. We have a purpose. It is our job to find that purpose and fulfill it. The best part is that we can enjoy the process without fear or dread. Yes it does take work and determination, but it is the most fulfilling work you could ever do. Realizing ones life purpose is one of the greatest gifts you can give to someone. Jenna is able to help people with that process. I am forever grateful to her for opening my eyes to a perception I struggled with.
Much love to you all,

heartI was the last person who would have ever been involved in Intuitive Wellness, in fact I can be very critical and at times a sarcastically cynical individual, and these ” palm reading / tarot card sort of things ” just were not my cup of tea (I cannot emphasize that enough)…. had it not been for one of my best friends literally showing up at my house with an open session already paid for…I would have never done this. I actually tried to pay for the session so that I would not have any guilt when I simply never went, but he was not having it (and I’m grateful for that)…he explained the whole reason this was put into motion was that it had helped him, and he wanted to share that with me (if that’s not an amazing person in life, I don’t know what is). I more or less put this whole thing in the back of my mind, and forgot it…thankfully, my friend would continuously ask if I had gone yet, or when I had set a time, I hadn’t of course done either, so I finally just did…I called set a time and date…showed up…and what happened in that session was life changing! Upon leaving the building I was so profoundly moved. I immediately began to make changes in my life…changes that would lead to the life that I always wanted. I stopped quietly suffering, with no idea where to begin, and this has been my voyage ever since. It’s not that it is all easy and stress-free now, far from it…but, for me, having Jenna come into my life has been nothing short of incredible!!! And through this work I am getting the tools that have helped me help myself, which has been so empowering! My life is so dramatically different than it was before, and I owe it to that first session starting me down this amazing path. -Anonymous
I began dating a girl with the exact physical description that Jenna told me. I went out of town to work on the exact month Jenna told me and in the same profession she told me I would be. Jenna is gifted. She foresaw the future and connected with my being. She predicted I would be doing allot of traveling and I have been. I am in Vermont now. I live in Southern California. Jenna is worth experiencing for yourself.  She opened my eyes and I stepped forward.
Thanks, JB

heart2013 has been a year of tremendous spiritual growth for me with the help of Jenna and Intuitive Wellness. The biggest lesson Intuitive Wellness has taught me is we all have the power to change feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry into positive actions, we need only to look inward instead of outward to do so. We have all been given gifts to use for our greater good. It is our job to believe and know we are capable of manifesting our greatest dreams. I truly believe I was guided into Intuitive Wellness when I needed it most. I was filled with fear and angst over my health and my job. I had been given some not so good news and felt doomed. After I started using the advice I was given, including diving into books, meditation and writing in my journal, I could feel a complete shift in my mind and body. The diagnosis I was given suddenly became less scary and I have been given new opportunities in my career that have shown me I am not stuck but instead still growing. I have learned to trust in myself and honor my feelings both good and bad and then let go. I am so thankful for all I have learned and the person I have become in the last year and look forward to continue to grow in all facets of my life.
Carrie N

heartI am so thankful for Jenna and all the amazingness she provides to our community! I will never forget my first Intuitive Wellness session with her as it played as huge jumping off point leading me to create a life and career I truly love. I feel so fortunate to have met her as she continues to be such a lovely inspiration! The Mind/Body events she holds at Tune are such special treats 🙂 I can’t wait to take the Intuitive Business Development with her in the near future! Love you Jenna and thank you for everything you do!!!
Christy Snowie Cowan
Founder, To La Lune Events

Intuitive Business Development

Wow, my life in 2013 has been nothing shy of adventure, excitement, fear, determination and ultimately FAITH!  I took the leap of faith following my heart not my head and left a six-figure career to build an authentic business. Through all the twists and turns, Jenna at Harmony Compass has been a gentle, loving, nudging brightly lit guide on my journey! Jenna’s Intuitive Business Development has helped my business take flight, and helped me stay grounded in my heartI feel blessed that my path happened to cross with Jenna’s…. There truly are no coincidences in life. Thank you Jenna for all you do!
Tracy Williams
Alaska Tracy
Jenna is an amazing soul who is helping Uxibal achieve our goals.  I am internally grateful for what Jenna has brought to our business and where we are heading because of her contributions.  Thanks Jenna for believing in Uxibal and helping us along this wonderful journey. –

compassI can’t express the gratitude I have felt and the value I’ve received from every meeting I’ve had thus far with you. The first time we talked was on a fluke after I was in to see Ryan for an adjustment and it became clear within 2 minutes that I was very interested in sitting down with you to further dive in. After our first meeting a million ideas and ways of thinking came to light that had been lying just under the surface all along. My aim, my intentions, and my outlooks have drastically changed since that first sit down and your invaluable branding / business development thoughts, nudges and outright call outs continue to propel me forward 🙂 Every time we meet I walk away stronger, clearer, and recharged.  Thank you so much for the changes you’ve already brought to our lives and for your ongoing support. You’re an amazing person and friend. So glad that I can call you a friend and mentor. I can’t wait for 2014!!
Scott Chebegia
Garford Media

compassJenna has given me a true gift, which was to help guide me into the creation of Intuitive Mothers Circle. Intuitive Mothers Circle exists to empower mothers to find, follow and trust their maternal intuitive spirit within. It is a nurturing, safe space to get real about our mommy fears and to connect with other moms while building confidence, courage and community. I have always had a passion for helping moms and with the creation of IMC I have been able to help moms become “supermoms” by teaching them the importance of their maternal intuition. I had my first IMC a couple months ago and I was a little nervous about how it would go. I believe every circle of mothers that comes together at IMC, is meant to gather at that time and place. My first IMC was a beautiful example of this. Each mother in attendance had a story that helped another mother and this was the creation of my first circle. After my first circle was completed, I went home and walked in the door and started to cry while smiling from ear to ear because the IMC was everything I had envisioned it to be. I felt my true calling that night. I am so proud of Intuitive Mothers Circle and I think IMC is going to do amazing things in the new year for mothers. I hope to see you all in the new year.
Trust yourself,
Alicia Bravo
Founder, Intuitive Mothers Circle

Intuitive Wellness with Children

The Sweetest Moment – from a mom’s view
I’ll never forget the weekend after my 12-year-old son’s first session with Jenna. It was a Sunday afternoon baseball game. He had been struggling quite a bit the past 3-4 months with his hitting. As I was watching him sit on the bench – next in line to go to bat – I saw him quietly look down and close his eyes, rowdy boys on both sides of him. I knew what he was doing – a grounding exercise that Jenna had taught him. He sat there for at least a minute – completely still. It was his turn to bat  – and low and behold – he had huge Hit on his first swing and safely made it to first base. He was beaming from ear to ear. The next batter came up and he too got a hit – as my son rounded the bases and came through home plate to score – he looked over at me and whispered “mom…it really worked!!! “.  Then it was my turn to smile ear to ear. After the game, as we sat in the car….he did not want to share the details of his quiet moment. All he would say was that it was his secret with his friends that Jenna had introduced him too. Needless to say – I was jumping up and down inside at his realization that what Jenna had taught him was true. AND that was to trust his intuition, believe in himself, and to love life – not fear it. G.Allen 

heartJenna is one of the most amazing people I know. She is especially gifted with children. The way my 8-year-old responded to the session was unbelievable. Jenna made her feel comfortable from the start. Jenna is able to connect to children on many levels. My daughter stepped away with more confidence, encouragement, and a sense of purpose. Jenna will continue to be a part of our lives. Ollie 

Feedback from the World-Changer Workshops

High School World-Changers said:

I feel cleansed from society’s and my own internal fear and doubt. Manifesting my goals makes me feel safe and at ease for the future and what my purpose is here in this lifetime. I loved this workshop, and you, and everyone here. I want to change the way people feel when they are at school / public. I will love more and reach out to more people who are in need of affection.” 

“I appreciate the lessons and that we went in depth into fear, and the importance of gratitude as well as the openness and safeness of the environment (of the workshop).”

“Talking about our fears and how we overcome them helped me see the light and see clearer. Talking about how to be in touch with yourself helped me accept being myself. Thank you for all that you do.”

“I am so glad/grateful that my friends told me to go to this…it really opened my eyes and helped me realize many aspects of my life and how I could change the negative ones to make them positive. I learned so many things in the little time we had and I really enjoyed this experience overall. Thank you so much!”

 Jr. High World-Changers said:

Best spiritual experience of my life. Will do it again and again, one of my favorite teachers. You understand me. I wish my teachers as school were like you, I feel I can express myself and be free to share my problems and experiences throughout life.”

I learned to be myself no matter what people think of me.”

I want to come back. I learned to dig deep. My dreams will come true in time and I will not get in the way 😉

“It helped me a lot, I met new people with different perspectives on life. I got past issues with friends, and the good and bad things that people have said to me. I have gotten through friendship challenges.”

Thank you for reading the 2013 Inspiring Stories! What inspires you most? Do you have an Inspiring Story to share? Please share in the comments below! 



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