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Holiday Guidance: Joy + Grace

While we wrap up another potent and dynamic year, I will keep it short and sweet with my holiday guidance, because I know you have loved ones to connect with and shopping to do! On Facebook, I asked you what tips and tools you used to stay grounded, aligned and centered during the holidays. You mentioned…

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Universally, this year feels intense in a magnetic way. We have an opportunity to further “align the animal” inside of us, meaning the part of us that comes with the human package. We will encounter our ego fears, our blinded perceptions, our bodies, our primal instincts, our shadow: our humanity. How do we bring these…

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Miracles are Divinely fingerprinted blessings; even if they are messy, they have a little spark of magic. They are powerful even when they are tiny, often offering just the reframe or glimpse behind the curtain we most need just in the nick of time. Miracles are potent medicinal faith, and they live in that spiritual energy that moves us even when we are stubborn, angry or broken.

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