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when you know


It is said that hindsight is 20/20, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes we are meant to learn lessons for our own growth so we won’t get to see or know things in advance, but often if we had just listened to our true feelings, if we had trusted what we were receiving from our inner guidance, we would have avoided some catastrophic detours from our alignment and Divine flow.

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A Little Note on Divine Love

I have been receiving some lessons and guidance around needing to feel acknowledged and valued, and the omnipresence of Love. I’ve been allowing myself to slip into feeling like a victim, and anytime that happens, I cut myself off from Love.

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I’m going to say something bold. We are all addicts. Yup. We all have addictions, we all have self-sabotaging behaviors and we’re all scared little humans…Well that and outrageously beautiful Divine beings of Light here to connect and serve in massively Loving ways.

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